Affected Zone Tactics MMORPG Game

Affected Zone Tactics MMORPG Game

Affected Zone Tactics mmorpg game
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Affected Zone Tactics

Genre Type: F2P Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Linux / Mac / Windows
Development By: Light Vision Interactive

Affected Zone Tactics is a free to play turn based top down isometric strategy MMO where two teams of players fight in objective based battles trying to outsmart and out manoeuvre one another in action filled battles. Set in a world where famous scientist Nikola Tesla had managed to unlock research that lead to a huge teleporter portal to be created, transporting explorers to a new parallel world, planet or somewhere else; in this place a new energy source was found, Telarium, and so settlers made their way through the portal by the thousands to seek out their fortune. The future of this land is a now a violent warzone where greedy corporations, hired mercenaries, gangs of organized criminals and the original settlers now horribly mutated all fight each other to control this resource.

The main mechanics of the game focus on players controlling one or more units as party of a small squad in a battle of two teams trying to capture and hold flags on different battlefields in order to claim victory. Each player has a number of action points that they can use with their units to perform different actions such as moving around the map, taking cover and ultimately attacking enemy units. Maps have 5 different flags spread out, by reaching a flag it will switch over to the contesting players team colour and they will earn points for each controlled flag every turn; the first team to either hit the score limit or kill off all the enemy units is declared the winner.

The game has a high level of strategy and requires good team work, featuring a tactical line of site mechanic players can only see enemy units if they are in the open or have revealed their position, the general premise is to try and predict what your opponent may do, where they will send their units, and try to set up ambushes to destroy them when they appear. Taking cover behind various objects, entering buildings, or switching from standing to prone to increase firing range are all different options that players can employ in battle.

Each unit can be kitted out individually, with four different mercenary classes split into twelve specializations there is a lot of scope for different playstyles as each unit can have its own unique skills and gear that will help it out in battle and help at the team as a whole. As players level up in matches they increase their accounts Military Rank which opens up new options, research can be invested to upgrade a wide array of weapons from pistols, automatic weapons, grenades and more; upgrading the mercenaries individual rank to help them perform better in battle. Most weapons are bought with earned player currency acquired from competing in matches, however the game does have some premium options and where players can purchase certain items and weaponry to give them the edge in battle.

Affected Zone Tactics mmorpg game

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