CroNix Online MMORPG Game

CroNix Online MMORPG Game

CroNix Online mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play MOBA & Shooter
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Magics

CroNix is a free to play shooter mixed with elements of arena style MOBA in which players group together and fight as teams through objective focused game modes, using a variety of characters from the decent sized roster players can find a character that best suits their style of play to fulfil different roles in a team. By playing matches and completing daily quests players earn XP to level up their account, which in turn will meet level pre-requisites on different items and particularly new characters which can be bought in the game store with earned n game currency.

The combat in the game requires strategy as characters move a little slower than other FPS games, however, once in battle and engaged with an enemy the ferocity excels and explosive combos can be used to damage, stun and knock down your opponent. Players must manage their Action Point bar which represents their characters stamina and is used up when sprinting or with every special ability used, abilities are on the Q, E, Spacebar keys as well as the right and left mouse buttons, with the standard WASD used to move around. Finally players have a Special Skill that charges up as players fight, bound to the F key, this ultimate ability can perform a variety of skills depending on the individual character but usually spells the demise of nearby enemies when released. Players have some basic levels of loadout customization able to gain access to armors and Tonic consumables that can be used in battle to give boosts to defenses, attack, damage and various special abilities such as revealing nearby hidden enemies.

Characters can fulfil one of three primary roles in a team; Tanker, Supporter and Assaulter, though all are able to put out damage and put the hurt on the enemy. The Tanker focuses on being the armored defender with their strong defense and large health pool they protect teammates and themselves by absorbing n enemies’ damage. Supporters are typically back line combatants great at helping teams push forward with their buffs as well as hindering the enemy with debuffs, gaining Kill Assists if an enemy that they debuffed dies or one of their teammates kills an opponent whilst having the benefit of the Supporters buff. Finally the Assaulter, built for damage they are a constant menace on the battlefield able to make light work of any enemy that finds themselves out of position with their high damage, attack speed and balanced mobility.

There are four different game modes that players can join, focusing around a Team Deathmatch principle, players can fight in a best of 5 matches in the 3v3 Brawl, play in a 5v5 in Raid where they must capture a central Power Cell and carry it to their base to increase the energy of their constantly energy depleting harvester, or in the 5v5 where they must kill the enemy or recover resources to score points. Domination is the largest mode with 7 players per team, here players fight over three capture points on the map, by controlling them they earn their team points the longer they can defend them forcing a constant battle on the points.

CroNix Online mmorpg game

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