Dragomon Hunter MMORPG Game

Dragomon Hunter MMORPG Game

Dragomon Hunter mmorpg game
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Dragomon Hunter

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: X-Legend

The world of Wyveria is an enchanting and magical realm, filled with hundreds of magnificent creatures known as Dragomon, from the small and friendly to the enormous and deadly, these creatures are enticing specimens for the Dragomon Hunters of the world, and you are one such Hunter. With a full free to play sandbox world to explore players will be able to play as one of four different Hunter classes, able to customize them with various skills and weapons, and then seek out Dragomon to hunt, loot and tame!

When first stepping into the world players are able to choose their class from four iconic Hunters, each with their own combat style and set of skills. On the front lines stands the Mercenary, armed with huge greatswords and terrifying battleaxes, this armored defender can give as good as they get dishing out damage whilst also being able to soak it up. The Scout is a more versatile fighter, either operating from a distance with rifles, they are also capable melee combatants with their duel blades. Harnessing the wild elemental powers the Mage is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, able to twist fire and ice to their command and hurl them against their enemies. Finally the Cleric, a stoic defender who supports their allies with powerful healing magic or punishes enemies with their hammers as a melee combatant. Aside from their primary class abilities players can spend points into their skills with three masteries in order to improve skills or add extra effects to them such as stunning enemies.

There are over one hundred Dragomon to discover in the world, found deep within some of the hardest to reach places in Wyveria; head into the Echo Mine or Echo Valley to seek out the Ironfang Jackal, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth this hostile creature will put up a fight against any Hunters encroaching on its territory or perhaps head to Sporefell Core to seek out the Fungal Croaker, a huge oversize frog with a mushroom growing from its back. The weird and wonderful Dragomon of the world are found in unique locations and for players to best them they will have to monitor their habits and set a plan and traps accordingly.

Dragomon can be hunted for fun or sport, fame and glory, or riches and rewards; each drops its own unique item known as a Dragem, which is used for crafting powerful armors and weapons, the more powerful the item the rarer the Dragem players will need to collect from the most dangerous Dragomon in the world. As well as seeking their fortune Hunters can also try to trap and tame these mystical creatures, adding them to their own personal collection the Dragmon can then be used as pets to battle alongside you and as mount to get you around the world, either swimming, on land and even flying in the air.

Dragomon Hunter mmorpg game

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