Heroes of the Banner MMORPG Game

Heroes of the Banner MMORPG Game

Heroes of the Banner mmorpg game
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Heroes of the Banner

Game Style: Free to play MMO Tower Defence
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: R2 Games

Heroes of the Banner is an epic saga wrapped up in a fantastic Tower Defence MMO where players will go head-to-head against the forces of Loki and his assembled army of darkness as he wages war against the Ęsir and the humans of Midgard. Using many classic Tower Defence features players must construct towers that will act as the prime defences against wave after wave of enemy hordes trying to reach the various villages and cities you have sworn to protect. With a number of actions to perform and exciting features to unlock it encourages progress within the game and players have the added bonus of being able to play Heroes of the Banner on any system/platform as it is a browser-based MMO. Furthermore all of this content is absolutely free and players only need to pay out any money if they wish to take advantage of the VIP system is to gain access to other benefits.

Many of the features revolve around the Heroes that players will bring to their side to join their army in the fight against Loki, starting from the initial Tavern feature that players gain access to early on they are able to summon their own Heroes using powerful summoning scrolls. Each time a scroll is used three Heroes will answer the call and players are able to examine each of their stats and characteristics to see whether they wish to recruit them into the army; every Hero has their own rank and depending on the type of summoning scroll that is initially used players have a higher or lower chance of summoning higher ranked Heroes that will overall perform better in battle.

The main distinction between Heroes is their class, with three main focuses: Archer, Gunner and Mage, each of these three can manifest in one of three unique Incarnations that in turn will give the player access to abilities and towers that perform completely different attacks on enemies, for example, the Mage may incarnate as a Frostmage and is able to reduce the speed of enemies whilst attacking them or as a Thundermage that can perform powerful area attacks. At the beginning of each battle a player is able to determine which of their Heroes they wish to bring into the battle, each Hero is able to construct one tower on one of the few defensive points and so players must use strategy to determine which combination of Heroes will work best for a battle as some enemies are resistant/invulnerable to certain damage types.

As players gain XP through winning battles or completing quests they will level up and in turn can spend acquired gold to level up their own Heroes to make the more powerful. Along the way players will also gain access to different items that they can equip their Heroes with, able to arm each of them with four piece of equipment, which will also improve their overall battle statistics.

Heroes of the Banner mmorpg game

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