Jungle Wars MMORPG Game

Jungle Wars MMORPG Game

Jungle Wars mmorpg game
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Jungle Wars

Game Style: Free to play Base Building MMO
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Ten Square Games

Jungle Wars is a free to play base defending MMO where players are tasked with constructing their own tribal Jungle village, placing each building, wall or defensive tower and protecting their resources and populous against rival savage tribes. With real time combat players must think strategically when building up their own troops, choosing which enemies to send into battle to best navigate their way around enemies fortifications to gain access to their valuable resources. With PVP content and PVE campaign missions the game is an easy to access Internet browser-based MMO with colourful and high-quality graphics and content suitable for players of all ages.

Ruling over your own tribal village is no easy feat, players must manage their resources and time effectively, prioritising build orders from whole host of different buildings that will benefit the village as well as upgrading them to improved versions. Buildings such as Farms will provide food, and Alters will provide mana, both being the key resources that players will need to acquire and spend to construct buildings, upgrade and summon units into their army. More importantly for a chieftain is that they cannot, or should not, simply place buildings down without thinking as they will need to intersperse their resource buildings with defensive turrets and walls that will help protect their key buildings from attackers.

Attacks can be made by players at any time once a village’s Shield has run out, when being attacked or when attacking a village the player will individually place down their units into unoccupied squares around the village and once they are summoned the units will automatically attack any nearby structures and are uncontrollable from that point. Being able to observe a villages layout and determine which route placed units may take can give a player a good idea of which units to place down in which locations, similarly for their own village working out where the best place to lay down walls and towers would be.

Players can choose from a wide variety of units such as the Warrior who are typically the heart of an army, melee cannon fodder but powerful in large groups, Shaman who can hurl fireballs at range and keep away from some traps or attack buildings without needing to destroy walls to get to them or the terrifying Gorilla who is slow and steady but has exceptional melee strength.

Whilst the game is completely free to play there are Premium currency options available to players by purchasing coins with real-world cash they can be spent on acquiring certain valuable buildings such as Workers Huts that allow players to construct or upgrade more buildings at the same time; purchase Mana or Food resources when players find themselves lacking, or even spend it to instantly complete units or buildings in the build queue instead of having to wait minutes or even hours to construct them. Coins can be earned occasionally through gameplay such as levelling up or completing missions/tasks as well as completing a variety of achievements.

Jungle Wars mmorpg game

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