Rainbow Saga MMORPG Game

Rainbow Saga MMORPG Game

Rainbow Saga mmorpg game
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Rainbow Saga

Game Style: Free to play MMO RPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: NGames

Step into a world of adventure in Rainbow Saga where players rise as new Guardians to defend their own lands of Troonmill, a peaceful and happy place that has once more fallen under the threat of the Devil Lord and his army. With a strong story narrative players will rise up as the destined Chosen One, master their skills, grow in strength and ultimately fight and defeat the Devil himself. The game can be played in your preferred Internet browser after a quick online account registration and is completely free to play with paid VIP benefits available to players.

Early in the game players are able to determine what type of Guardian they wish to be once they complete their Trials, choosing from three known classes they can be an Elementalist, Holy Knight or a Shadow Ranger. Each class will determine the types of skills and abilities that the player has access to, which will greatly change their gameplay and combat style, as players can group together to tackle the various Instances and work together in PVP the classes cover three traditional roles focusing on melee and ranged combat that can also help support other classes in a team.

Combat and the world itself takes place in a 2-D side scrolling environment was players using the keyboard primarily to move and attack their opponents, able to climb ladders and jump across platforms players have full control over their movement and which of their available attacks they perform. When enemies are killed they typically drop gold coins and items on the ground for the player to collect which will automatically be added to their inventory or their gold coin pool.

Away from the open world environment players can tackle a variety of quest-based Stages, quests are acquired through the various NPCs in the world and will yield a greater amount of gold and XP if completed. Each Stage has a Stamina cost that players are required to spend to enter it, Stamina will regenerate over a period of time, or for those players in a hurry can be topped up using real money. The Stages themselves revolve around players fighting through various enemies to try and find the main Boss, a considerably more difficult opponent with far greater powers and hit point pool to provide a greater challenge. Once defeated players will gain rewards based off their Stage performance, rated out of three stars the more stars a player earns the better the rewards, as well as this players also get a bonus gift by flipping over one of five different random cards ranging from coins to gems and more.

Players can attempt even greater challenges in the PVE Instances; multiplayer dungeons with more difficult Bosses that require strategy and team work to defeat but reward players with much greater treasures. Players also have the chance to try out their PVP skills in the Arena where they can fight against other players from around the world in one-on-one fights or team focused duels.

Rainbow Saga mmorpg game

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