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SkySaga MMORPG Game

SkySaga mmorpg game
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Genre Type: F2P MMO Sandbox
Platform Accessibility: Windows
Development By: Radiant Worlds

Step into the free to play world of SkySaga and explore the endless portals of the Infinite Realms, a place where untold adventures away and legends are born as they head into the deepest, darkest and most dangerous dungeons in search of fame and fortune. In the game the world can be manipulated for function or design, players have the ability to destroy and redesign their environments, whether searching for hidden caverns or creating stairs leading up to upper platforms and areas whilst exploring, or creating their own monument style masterpieces on their personally owned home island.

By using tools such as a pickaxe players can destroy every block in the open world areas, with the world made up of hundreds of unique types of resources from rock, vegetation, types of wood, metals, gems and more. These resources can be used as ingredients for schematics to design a wide variety of items to either offer aesthetic functionality and used to decorate a players home environment, or used to create powerful gear such as weapons, armor, buff items and more. An important item that can be created is a powerful keystone that can be used to open the mystical portals leading to the dynamic dungeon instances of the Infinite Isles, depending on the type of keystone made players will enter different terrain environments.

In these locations players will face progressively more challenging enemies and environments to test their mettle, with a variety of terrain types such as forests, arctic and desert locations, players can climb the tallest peaks or seek our subterranean crypts and dungeons. Equipped with their weapons players can fight enemies to gain loot drops in the form of rare items, schematics and resources, as well as some more powerful gear protected by a final boss mob and a wealth of riches and currency.

Currency can be spent in the City of First Light, a huge floating community hub filled with NPC vendors, players looking for groups, and most importantly the NPC quest givers of the three main Guilds: Gladiators Guild, Settlers Guild and Explorers Guild. These different guilds will task players with different quests, the Explorers want players to seek out treasures and the most powerful creatures in the Isles, the Settlers will help players train up their building, advancing their home island and teaching them new schematics, the Gladiators challenge players to go head to head with each other in the Arena fighting in capture the flag battles or team deathmatch games.

There is a huge choice of things to do in the game that will appeal to all players; whether focusing on building up your home island into a huge fort and letting other players come visit, gearing up with rare items and fighting the most dangerous enemies in the game, or demonstrating your strength and skill in PVP; the game has a fun story and amazing 3D graphics to make a truly captivating environment fit for any epic journey.

SkySaga mmorpg game

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