Might and Magic Heroes Online MMORPG Game

Might and Magic Heroes Online MMORPG Game

Might and Magic Heroes Online mmorpg game
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Might & Magic Heroes Online

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Ubisoft

A stunning fantasy epic Might & Magic Heroes Online takes players to the world of Ashan to experience an online MMO iteration of the popular franchise games that have built up over the years a detailed and rich lore that once more players can explore. Available to play for free through your favourite web browser players must build and lead their own army as a mighty Hero for one of two infamous factions; Necropolis or Haven in the endless battle between good and evil, light versus the dark.

Each faction gives players access to 2 different types of Hero, a Hero of Might (a Haven Knight or a Necropolis Death Knight) or a Hero of Magic (a Haven Cleric or a Necropolis Necromancer). The type of combat and strategy best utilised is determined by the choice of Hero, which in turn will determine the types of abilities that a player has access to in battle, though the Hero is only these smaller component that makes up the combat element in the game.

By first laying claim to their own Town Heroes can construct various buildings, acquire resources and begin to train up their own military in preparation for the war against their enemy faction. These Troops can be simple Core troops who can be stacked in higher numbers and make up the backbone of any army, more ferocious Elite troops that acts as the veterans as well as the Champions who, whilst limited in the number that can be allowed on the battlefield, can easily turn the tide of battle with their powerful attacks, impenetrable defences and godlike health pools.

Heroes can customise their armies, choosing the types of Troops they wish to control giving a strong element of strategy and management to combat, as well as upgrading and customising the Hero itself with new gear and abilities that can be acquired as they level up. When in battle opposing Heroes (whether computer AI or players) are put at each end of hex grid map and their units all take an initiative order to determine when it is their turn in the battle (as opposed to being purely turn-based where a player can move all their units in one turn). Troops can beam moved around the map, using impassable terrain (at least for many ground units) to create tactics and force enemy movements to gain the upper hand and utilising the various powers, ability types and ranges of attacks that each individual Troop type has.

Players will initially focus primarily on PVE by following the quest-based content to unlock the story progression as well as gaining resources and rewards from completing quests, and if facing is a challenge that is too difficult players are able to group together and pool their Troops to take on an enemy. Later in the game players primarily focus on the PVP content of fighting against each other in the hopes of making their way up the games official public leaderboard.

Might and Magic Heroes Online mmorpg game

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