Nova Genesis MMORPG Game

Nova Genesis MMORPG Game

Nova Genesis mmorpg game
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Nova Genesis

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: R2 Games

In this exciting free to play MMO RPG adventure players will step into the shoes of an up-and-coming Hero destined to save the world as an evil enemy force that was long forgotten has once more begun its invasion upon the mortal realm. As the Pyroi gather in number and prepare their war the race is on between the Heroes of the land and this malevolent force as both seek out the powerful ancient Nova Weapons, gifts of the Ancients that were able to destroy the Pyroi forces in an age long forgotten. Nova Genesis is cross compatible on multiple platforms through their respective Internet browsers and players do not need to download a bulky client in order to play this in-depth and immersive game.

The primary gameplay of Nova Genesis revolves around players building up their own Hero and improving their overall strength, commonly referred to as their Battle Rating, this system calculates a players’ strength based on their accumulated Hero levels, equipped items, enhanced gear, companion party members and other aspects such as Titles, mounts and more. A players’ Battle Rating primarily determines how capable they will be against certain enemies and challenges, from PvE zones for questing or Raiding to PvP Arenas where players are matched up against each other to go head-to-head in exciting turn based combat.

With six different characters to choose from, both a male or female option for each of the three game classes, players can choose a Hero that best suits their preferred playstyle from the physically aggressive Wraiths capable of high damage output, the defensive Corsair who can deal damage opponents or defend party members, or the Psyon caster able to wield powerful spells to damage areas or heal allies. Each class comes with its own unique three Skill trees that focuses on different paths that a player may wish to focus on, as they level up players acquire Skill Points to spend on the three trees that will enhance a specific area of that individual class.

Two of the primary ways for players to enhance their party Battle Rating is to acquire new companions and seek out the powerful Nova Weapons. Party Companions are NPC allies that come equipped with their own abilities and skills that will join the heroes’ quest to destroy the Pyroi threat. Each companion can be upgraded which will make them more powerful in battle and players are able to customise their Squad from their available party members to find a cohesive group that work well together and can be competitive in both PvE and PvP. The Nova Weapons are the ultimate goal for any player and are unlocked as the player progresses through the various chapters in the game, these weapons can be upgraded and will give the player access to new abilities, party buffs and stat boosts that wall makes them formidable in battle and able to face even greater threats and in turn acquire even bigger rewards in the process.

Nova Genesis mmorpg game

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