Seas of Gold MMORPG Game

Seas of Gold MMORPG Game

Seas of Gold mmorpg game
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Seas of Gold

Game Style: Free to play Strategy RPG
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: R2Games

Batten down the hatches, hoist the main sail and scuttle the jib, it be time to set sail and travel the oceans blue in Seas of Gold, a free to play strategy RPG that can be played in your internet browser. Captain your ship and crew, recruit other Captains to join you in your quest for glory and treasure, fight against pirates, sea monsters and other rival captains in a bid to be the most fearsome Captain that sailed the seven seas!

A story focused RPG that allows players to start out as one of four different Captains at the beginning of their journey to find their fortune, players will journey from place to place picking up quests for all types of characters around the world. These quests can range from building items, delivering goods or fighting off the many threats that the sea offers up such as huge monsters and dreaded pirates; in turn players are rewarded with XP to level up their character as well as gold to further improve themselves and their fleet.

Building up your Captain and ship will increase your Power score, which is the overall power of your captain, ship, crew and more in combination and gives you an idea of how you compare to other players. The captain can apply various pieces of equipment to their ship, including upgrades to rudders, decks and even cannons, which combined will increase a ships stats giving them better offensive and defensive ability, extra movement squares, extra range on attacks, and more. Players can even acquire materials and use them to build a completely new ship, giving them higher base stats, also by finding and using Skill Books it will allow a Captain to unlock new skills to use in battle.

Players are able to head to the tavern and recruit new Captains that will join their fleet; as players level up they can have more Captains under their control to utilize in battle, they have a standard list of Captains to choose from, but by purchasing a premium boost such as Rum or Whisky players can get improved quality of Captains. As with their player each Captain can be upgraded, new ships, gear and skills, which will also contribute to a players powers.

Combat is extremely tactical and takes the form of a turn based system where the player begins at one end of a tiled map and their enemies at the other, whether PVE or AI controlled players in the PVP Arena (challenged players do not control their character in PVP). The objective is to destroy all the other team, players can summon their hired Captains into the battle to fight alongside them, who are also controlled by the AI, and then taking turns to move around the map, positioning with your team and around terrain obstacles, ships can move a certain number of squares or shoot a certain distance based on their upgrades.

Seas of Gold mmorpg game

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