Blood and Jade MMORPG Game

Blood and Jade MMORPG Game

Blood and Jade mmorpg game
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Set in ancient China during the ongoing war between the Seven Warring States, Blood and Jade is a f2p MMORPG in which you play the part of an aspiring adventurer and potential hero with the weight of China’s fate resting on your shoulders. With your martial arts skills and divine aid of your chosen goddesses, rise up to take a stand as you wade through waves of sinister conspiracies, engage in feudal diplomacy and do whatever it takes to unite your broken land.

Customise your characters skills as you progress through the game dividing them between Dragonmind skills and Blade skills and unlocking long lost martial arts. Through various events and epic quests meet and employ the aid of the numerous goddesses who will bestow their divine right upon your enemies.

Engage in numerous combat focused events including the anticipated Turf Wars, huge Guild V Guild battles where players must fight each other in battle for territory and the chance to win the Imperial Seal from the Emperor himself. Extensive storyline quests, in-depth dungeons and difficult world bosses requiring groups to take them down all await you in this beautiful looking action packed MMORPG.

Blood and Jade mmorpg game

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