Clash of Olympus MMORPG Game

Clash of Olympus MMORPG Game

Clash of Olympus mmorpg game
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Clash of Olympus

Game Style: Free to play side scrolling
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Boyjoy

Step into an epic Greek Mythology where players become the heroes of the land tasked with saving the mortal realm and beyond against the rising evils of the Demons of hell. Charged by such deities as Chaos and Zeus himself players will take on a variety of quests in Clash of Olympus and immerse themselves in an exciting story of adventure. The game features both PvP and PvE content and primarily consists of automated features where players tactics and strategy revolve around building up their characters to be a strong as possible using their know-how and choice of gear and Heroes.
The game can be accessed after an initial account registration on the games website and then played for free through your preferred web browser and doesn’t require a bulky client download.

Choose from three unique hero classes as you embark on your journey, fill the role of a powerful Mage using magic and the elements to rain down terrifying devastation upon those enemies that stand in front of you. Or perhaps the Knight, a stoic and bold defe0nder of all that is good they will happily charge into battle wielding their huge swords and are able to assault their opponents and rely on their heavy armour to provide them with more defences. The Archer is a keen combatant, using cunning to stay well clear of their enemies they choose to strike with deadly precision from a distance using their bow and arrows to make their long range attacks they excel in dodging enemy blows with their high agility.

Players will primarily focus on acquiring gear in the form of weapons and armour that they can earn through gameplay or purchase from the shop, and with the Forge feature they are able to further augment and upgrade their items using various techniques such as Transmute, Enhance and even the powerful Divine Soul technique that will bolster a hero’s gear and in turn improve their own attributes. Gear is one of the main ways to increase a players’ Battle Force, a numerical indicator that lets players know how strong they are in comparison to the games AI enemies as well as real world players.

Another key way to increase your strength is to acquire Heroes from the Gods Pavilion, these powerful companions will bestow upon the player extra attributes, attacks and other buffs to help them on their journey. Heroes can be upgraded a number of times according to their star ranking, Starting Hero (0 stars), Green Hero (3 stars), Blue Hero (5 stars), Purple Hero (9 stars), Orange Hero (9 stars) and Red Hero (12 stars). As well as God companions players can also acquire and upgrade their own Pets, a pets’ attributes adds to the entire battle team and can be cultivated using silver or gold to make them even stronger. When a Pet meets certain requirements it can evolve and will change both its attributes and its appearance; additionally players are able to pray to the Saint Beast to further improve their pets.

Clash of Olympus mmorpg game

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