Crusaders of Solaria MMORPG Game

Crusaders of Solaria MMORPG Game

Crusaders of Solaria mmorpg game
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Crusaders of Solaria

Game Style: Free to play side-scrolling MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: R2 Games

In Crusaders of Solaria players step into the shoes of a new hero of the land, embarking on an epic adventure across a fantasy world to fight monsters and all manner of evil either on their own, with hired NPC mercenary is or with other players and Guild members to take on even more difficult challenges. The game is accessible directly in your chosen Internet browser through the official website, meaning there is no need to download a client to play, and is completely free to play.

Players have a choice of two different classes in the game: the Mage and the Knight. The Mage is a powerful combatant armed with elemental magic to devastate enemies on the battlefield, however they have weak defences when engage in melee combat. The Mage has the ability to specialise into two further subclasses; the Frost Mage who uses ice and frost magic to hinder their enemies or the dark Shadow Mage using their dark arts to seal themselves or use powerful shock waves to deal area attack damage. The Knight is considerably stronger defensively, though versatile enough to offer powerful attacks using their Flame Slash ability and quick movement across the battlefield using a Charge or Fissure move that allows them to leap through the air and stun their enemies. The Knight advances into either the heavily armoured Paladin who utilises an enormous shield to aid their allies or the Chaos Knight who can summon blades and whirling tempests of swords into battle to slay their foes.

There are a number of different exciting challenges for players to engage in as they work towards gaining new gear, mercenaries, levels, gems, astrals and titles that will overall increase their Battle Rating, a numerical value that represents how powerful that particular character is. Players can earn these types of items from places such as the Dungeons where players must fight through difficult challenges in either Normal mode or entering the more difficult Elite Dungeon which increases the challenge rating of the dungeon Bosses. Players are also able to challenge each other in the Arena where each player has an Arena Ranking and by winning or losing battles the players rank will improve or decrease respectively. Players are able to examine each other to check out their potential opponents Battle Rating as well as the equipment and gear they currently have and can then choose to challenge them, by winning the player replaces their defeated opponent and takes their rank as well as earning themselves extra Honour medals which can be exchanged for buying rare items in the Arena Shop. The higher a players rank in the Arena the more rewards they will gain access to.

The game is a very social MMO RPG and players can either play solo, joined groups for completing dungeons or even create sign up to a player Guild. Guilds have access to their own unique skills and Guild shop as well as being able to fight against other Guilds to rank in the top eight in a Guild Battle for extra rewards and bragging rights.

Crusaders of Solaria mmorpg game

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