Empire Universe 3 MMORPG Game

Empire Universe 3 MMORPG Game

Empire Universe 3 mmorpg game
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Empire Universe 3

Genre Type: Free to Play Space MMORTS
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Looki

Empire Universe 3 allows players to step into the boots of an alien commander looking to expand the territory of their Empire, taking on the role as a planetary leader they will look to build up their own forces and expand across the stars claiming new planets. The game is completely free to play and is accessible through your Internet browser, meaning it does not require any client download in order to play it. Empire Universe 3 is a classic RTS Empire Building and Management Strategy on a massively multiplayer level playing against other players from all around the world.

One of the first things a new player must do is choose their starting race, made up of a list of nine unique alien empires the player will be but one of this number looking to expand the territory for the betterment of their nation. Among the available races are the tribal Ozoids with their strict hierarchy looking for the betterment of their own people, the nomadic savage Zuups that evolved due to the mechanization of their homeworld but retained their bloodlust, the mysterious Magumians who live beneath their planetsí surface in huge underground cities and the stalwart Humans; their home planet lost to the ages they are an independent and proud people. Each race has a number of different abilities they are proficient in, balanced with a number of weaknesses (with the exception of the Humans who have no pros or cons to their race and are completely balanced), these are areas consist of Battle, Construction, Economy, Navigation, Research and Trading.

Players are able to research different technologies over time which will unlock a number of different technologies and in turn give the player access to new buildings and military units that they can construct on their planet. In the early game construction is particularly linear with only a handful of buildings available until a player has learned more technologies. Players can create key buildings such as Resource Facilities, Barracks, Research Labs and even a Communications Centre that will allow a player to get in contact with other players across the Galaxy. Players must earn various resources for the different buildings and units they wish to create, but as well as resources the key component to any creation is time and players have to wait anything from minutes to weeks (for more high-level research and constructions) to complete their builds.

The game encourages a cooperative team based gameplay so that players can pool their resources, support each other with their military and offer protection against other allied Guilds that will seek to pick off the weakest planets not yet in an Alliance. Using trade and diplomacy players will learn to bowl fend for themselves, identify threats and either align themselves with players strong enough to keep these threats at bay, build a force in big enough to go on the offensive or be destroyed.

Empire Universe 3 mmorpg game

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