Generals of War MMORPG Game

Generals of War MMORPG Game

Generals of War mmorpg game
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Generals of War

Game Style: Free to play Base Building MMO
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Playzo GmbH

In Generals of War players take on the role of a General in World War 1, charged with establishing their own frontline base to form their headquarters where they will lead assaults upon the enemy in a battle for resources, dominance and progress. This free to play strategy based MMO allows players to manage their own headquarters, resources and army and communicates with other players through diplomacy and trade or go to war with them in PVP focused battles and large-scale Alliance wars as players vie for the top spot on the leaderboard. Generals of War is a browser web MMO that can be accessed through the official website without the need of a client download.

Starting out players have the basics needed to create their headquarters, starting with construction of a Command Centre using a handful of resources they have been provided, the players first task is to organise some means of acquiring more resources, typically done by building production-based facilities. Various buildings available in the game give players access to new features and possible actions that they can take, such as creating a University allows the General to research new types of military units whereas a Barracks or Arms Factory are required to actually build them. Whether constructing a building, researching new tech or training up a new unit the player will use multiple types of resources to do so as well as it taking the time to actually finish construction, anything from a few seconds to hours depending upon the level and complexity of the construction meaning long-term planning is a necessity of survival.

Units can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes and each unit, whether an infantry units, tank or aircraft will have both a defence and attack value associated to it which represents how well it is at performing one of those to tasks. Some units are well-balanced whereas others are extremely useful for attacking other players and others are more focused on being used as defensive units to protect your own base. When a player instigates a battle and sends their attacking forces against an enemy the battle results are automatically calculated based off the number of units, the unit types and their collective attack and defence ratings; successfully winning the battle allows a player to steal resources from their opponent.

The game at its heart is a PVP conflict driven game and combat with other players is guaranteed at some point and so many will find the protection in an Alliance, a group of players that offer each other help to build up their collective forces, share resources and answer the call when a fellow ally is under attack. Alliances are also able to orchestrate large-scale attacks on single targets and one of the main endgame feature is of Generals of War are these huge Alliance v Alliance battles consisting of dozens of players fighting for prominence, wealth and ultimately bragging rights of being at the top of the games official public scoreboard.

Generals of War mmorpg game

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