Glory of Gods MMORPG Game

Glory of Gods MMORPG Game

Glory of Gods mmorpg game
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Glory of Gods is a Free-to-Play Action MMO Role Playing Game, for Browser games developed by Boyjoy.

In a battle of good versus evil where Demons have invaded the peaceful land of Masure Mainland the races of humans and sprites came together, united by the Dragon ancients who granted them the power of the gods to fight back the dark forces. And united civilisations were successful and the Demons driven away, but and new threats arose with Rophnek and Amora, to soldiers who had fought against the Demons who now believed they had earned the right to claim Masure Mainland as their own. The war continued but the two usurpers were ultimately defeated and exiled from their homes to the Devil’s Carlo. Upon this dark continent they uncovered the Lord of Demons Gorena who was sealed within and inescapable prison, with Rophnek and Amora’s help he was released and together they have now returned to Masure Mainland to finish the war that they started.

In Glory of Gods players get to play as a mighty God touched adventurer, choosing the path of the noble warrior defender, the sly and cunning rogue, powerful elemental mage or blessed priest with his healing touch. Atop trained mounts from horses, bears, ligers, unicorns and even Dragons you will scour the lands looking to purge the Demon armies from your home. Head into the darkest, most dangerous and deadly dungeons and battle against terrifying monsters, where you can either quest solo or band together with a party to take on even bigger challenges in search for even greater rewards. Explore the world and discover the lore of this war torn land, seek out powerful and the deadly world bosses and recover valuable loot, which can be enhanced using the magic forge system. Unlock powerful “souls”, benevolent companions that will fight alongside you in battle and enhance your role abilities with their boosts, with 16 souls to choose from, each with unique abilities and skills, gear upgrades and unique place style.

Players have the ability to face each other in combat through the battle arena where they are matched up with similarly skilled players for one-on-one duels, earn enough points and reach the top 20 arena players in that week and you can enter a private tournament to win prizes. Those players who have join a Guild have the added benefit of being able to play Guild Wars, fighting against an opposing Guild where one side is tasked on slaying the other sides Guild Prince and claim victory and their rewards.

Players can purchase VIP cards to give them added benefits such as extra crystals every day, quicker cool downs on talent training, XP that can be gained even when not playing and various other exclusive bonuses. The VIP cards can be purchased as a 10 day card, 30 day card or 180 day card, the higher the level of card the more improved the benefits and bonuses are for the player.

Glory of Gods mmorpg game

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