Hazard Ops MMORPG Game

Hazard Ops MMORPG Game

Hazard Ops mmorpg game
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Hazard Ops

Genre Type: F2P TPS Shooter
Platform Accessibility: Windows
Development By: Yingpei Games

Hazard Ops is a fast-paced free to play third person shooter MMO where players lace up the boots of their own mercenary sent out to hunt down terrifying zombies, deadly robots and a whole host of once thought mythological monsters. Armed with their own personal monster hunting kit made up from a variety of weapons and gear items players will face off against challenging PVE AI controlled creatures in fast-paced combat through smaller skirmish battles, survival modes and story driven campaigns. Alternatively players are able to go head-to-head in PVP combat, and fight over a wide variety of maps and game modes against real world players.

The premise of the game is that portals to another dimension, have opened up due to the blundering of a scientist creating and inter-dimensional portal technology, from which creatures have begun to invade our own world, as a mercenary is your job to handle these threats, either cleaning up the areas they have broken through or heading off into some far reach lands to take the fight directly to them. There are a wide variety of maps available, each with its own complement of themed minion enemies as well as terrifying bosses and sub bosses throughout the level. Face off against terrifying ancient Pharaohs in the on dead lands, a huge sentiment Robot equipped with massive laser beams and missiles and even some twin chain wielding abomination that can whip you from a distance and even pull the walls in on you!

Destructible environments is one of the key areas of each map, given that the majority of combat in the PVE mode revolves around fighting back waves of enemies, that will generally smashed down doors and barred windows to get to. However, the majority of these destructible components are also repairable, so players are able to scrabble around and mend their environment, either during battle or in the moments downtime between waves. Destroying a wall has the ability to not only injure enemies, therefore, adding tactical elements to use the environment against your opponents, but can also open up new areas of the map, as well as new spawn locations for the enemy.

Players have access to a wide variety of gear to equip their mercenary, including an extensive array of weapons from classic machine guns, sniper rifles and semiautomatics to more futuristic prototype technology such as the electrifying crossbow. Aside from that players are actually able to pick up any weapons that enemies drop during the game, including flamethrowers and huge mini guns, which is always handy when you find yourself running low on ammo. This other items such as armour, clothing cosmetics, grenades, first aid kits and even XP boosts are available as part of your loadout and can be bought in the in game store using earned in game currency or real-world cash as a micro-transactions, though many items are still level, restricted, requiring players to invest some time in the game before they can access them.

Hazard Ops mmorpg game

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