HEX: shards of fate MMORPG Game

HEX: shards of fate MMORPG Game

HEX: shards of fate mmorpg game
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Hex: Shards of Fate is a Free-to-Play Browser trading card game (TCG) MMO, developed by Hex Entertainment and Cryptozoic

Hex: Shards of Fate card collecting/trading game combined with many features of classic MMO RPG games that allows players to create a Champion character from eight different races and six different classes, armed them with a variety of weapons and gear, level them up and build up talents so that the Champion physically changes and arm themselves with a deck made from over 700 different cards. As a free to play game Hex has all the trappings of a strategy focused TCG, made by the experienced Cryptozoic Entertainment card publishing house who have designed many physical trading card games previously and are now venturing into the digital market with Hex.

Gameplay revolves around two Champion characters fighting in a one on one duel, whether advanced AI or RealPlayer, with the singular goal of trying to deplete all the opposition Champions health points. To do this players take turns to try and do damage on the enemy Champion by playing different cards from their deck, typically done so by using Troop cards made of monsters, minions and fighters that can be used to directly attack the enemy Champion or used to defend their own Champion when attacked. Each card has a number of different values, in the case of a Troop card they have an attack value as well as a defence value, determining how much damage they can take before that card is destroyed and removed from play. Players also have a variety of Action cards to perform various abilities and spells on either their own troops as buffs, the enemy troops as debuffs or even directly attack the enemy Champion.

One of the key elements to battle in Hex is the ability to chained together different cards to make greater combo attacks, this is done by a player placing the available cards into the “chain” section and then passing the turn over to the opposition player. The opposing player is then able to add their own cards to the chain to potentially counter any effects that might occur then passing the turn/phase back to the original player. Both players continue trying to add to the chain until neither can do so and then all the cards are put into play starting with the last card that was added and working backwards towards the initial card, with each card effect taking place in turn. This feature alone adds an exceptionally complex dynamic to the strategy of the game, standing it above other games in the genre in terms of the sheer strategy available.

Players are able to gain new cards in a variety of different ways, from winning PvP tournaments against other players, finding new cards in the PvE dungeon content, trading with other players or purchasing their cards from the player auction house or finally buying decks of cards and booster packs from the in game store using real-world micro-transactions.

HEX: shards of fate mmorpg game

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