King Of Towers MMORPG Game

King Of Towers MMORPG Game

King Of Towers mmorpg game
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King of Towers

Game Style: Free to play Tower Defence
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Shinezone

A classic tower defence game with a twist, King of Towers adds a variety of features and game systems that makes this traditional genre more unique than other titles yet retains the fast and exciting gameplay. Completely free to play players must focus on constructing towers to hold off constant waves of deadly enemies as they progress through the game over various levels and environments completing different stages for rewards. The game can be played directly through your Internet browser and so does not require the player to download any large game client.

In traditional gameplay style players must progress through various stages and levels tackling waves of enemies, from orcs, wyverns to demons, these different enemies have different properties that make them dangerous, whether being able to move with speed across the map, having bolstered armour defences, the ability to fly or even simply being dangerous due to the number of them that appear. Enemies spawn at one end of the map and will travel a direct route following the road on a single path, it is the players duty to construct a variety of defence towers by the roadside in key strategic positions with the intent of destroying these enemies before they reach the other end of the road; if players allow too many enemies to reach the end of the road then they will fail the stage.

Certain towers are instrumental in taking down specific enemy types and so players will need to ensure that they have these types of tower available when that enemy appears. There are four different main Towers available; Archer tower, Mage tower, Barracks tower and Cannon tower. The Archer tower fires a stream of arrows that are useful for attacking enemies that move fast along the road or flyers that cannot be attacked with ground units. The Mage tower penetrates the armour of its enemies and so is needed to take down units with strong armour defences. Barracks tower spawns Knights militia in the road, these units will block any enemies and attack them until either the enemy or they have been killed, at which point they will respawn after a certain amount of time. The Cannon tower fires on an area and so if a player manages to group up their enemies they can inflict max damage. When the battle begins players only have so much money which to place towers and so must prioritise those that they will need for the early waves, from here they gain currency by killing the enemies and can either place to more towers or upgrade those that have already been constructed.

As players gain XP and level up to progress through the game they will unlock new features such as spells which can be cast in a battle to give them extra help, these along with their towers can all be upgraded and improved in the Kingdom using specific buildings. By upgrading spells and towers it not only makes them more powerful (needed for higher levels) but also can change their utility so that they perform other actions such as slowing enemies down.

King Of Towers mmorpg game

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