Odin Quest MMORPG Game

Odin Quest MMORPG Game

Odin Quest mmorpg game
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Odin Quest

Genre: Fantasy Free to Play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developers: Dragonsmeet

In Odin Quest players are the hero of the story, an epic adventure through a fantasy world with touches of classic Norse mythology, exploring the land and completing quests to increase their skills and abilities whilst owning treasure and powerful items to make them even stronger. Odin Quest is a free to play MMORPG with options of purchasing premium currency in the form of platinum that players can use to buy valuable items, though these items are always available through normal free access gameplay. Players do not need to download a client and can access the game through their preferred web browser.

There are hundreds of quests for players to uncover in the game, typically these will take players to dangerous areas such as ancient ruins and dungeons and so combat against dangerous and deadly creatures is part of the adventure. Due to this players can choose from five combat focused classes, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. The warrior is one of the most defensive classes using the sword and shield he is equipped with heavy plate armour and has high stamina to hold off opponents. The mage is weaker defensively, using cloth armour, but can wield powerful elemental spells that can destroy multiple targets from a distance. The Hunter also strikes from afar using their long ranged bow attacks, though capable of handling themselves in melee when required. When it comes to dealing damage few are better than the assassin with their stealthy attacks and high critical strikes they can quickly and do battle. Finally the Priest, who offers up up their support to bolster and heal themselves and their companions, ensuring that they can continue to fight. Whilst fighting solo is possible players are far stronger in groups made up from these various classes to cover the weaknesses the each of them has.

In the game whether in a group or so low players are able to discover wild and exotic pets that they can take on and train as their own companions. Pets can be summoned into the world and will actively follow you around a player so they can show them off to other players, and even have the ability to rename them. Pet is more than a fancy walking statement, each of them has their own stats and abilities, increasing them as they gain XP and level up to help players in battle.

Odin Quest falls into a more casual style of gameplay with a number of automated systems that players can access including auto travel where with the click of a button your character will automatically walked to the required quest area or NPC in their quest tracker. Similarly players can click the auto kill feature in their quest to continuously kill the required monsters/creatures needed to complete a quest, which is particularly useful for quests that require killing many of the same monster. Finally a full on AFK mode is available, where players are able to gain a portion of XP whilst being away from the keyboard and their character continue to fight without them even playing.

Odin Quest mmorpg game

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