Winterfrost Legacy MMORPG Game

Winterfrost Legacy MMORPG Game

Winterfrost Legacy mmorpg game
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Winterfrost Legacy

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Browser
Developing Studio: R2Games

Winterfrost Legacy takes players to a world of fantasy where the Guardians, protectors of the mortal realm, have begun to fall and bring misery and despair to the lands. Tasked by the benevolent Guardians yourself you must embark on an epic quest to save the world and its inhabitants, facing off against powerful and dangerous enemies. Winterfrost Legacy is a classic team build RPG where players recruit companion characters, train them up, improve skills, acquire mounts and even get the Guardians themselves the help them in their task. Completely free to play players are able to play the game through their favourite internet browser.

When first starting out players take control of their own character, able to choose one of 4 different classes: the Rogue, the Warrior, the Shaman or the Mage. The Rogue has high crit and dodge values, able to dash in and out of battle quickly, the Warrior sacrifices attack for more defensive abilities making them ideal protectors of other companions. The Mage and Shaman both case a variety of spells, the Mage focusing on more destructive properties. Players gain XP by completing the ongoing quest chain to progress the storyline, getting skills points in which to improve their skills and acquire new ones to use in battle.

To complement the players’ hero and skills players can also recruit Mercenary companions, hired combatants that will join the group when purchased in the Tavern. To hire a hero players must first meet them in game by progressing the story arc, then they must acquire Anima, a currency acquired through various actions but can be earned by spending gold in the Anima Alter that can then be spent on buying new Mercs. Mercs can be levelled up spending Merit, which makes them stronger and unlocks new abilities for them, unlike players who acquire new abilities as they level up and spend Skill Points.

When Mercs join a team they can be put into the groups formation, taking a position at the Front, Centre or Back, giving them different default bonuses, which can be further improved with the Line Bonus feature, and determines the order in which they are attacked by the enemy i.e. Mercs on the front line should be high defense as they will take the brunt of the enemy attacks. The collective skills, gear and line bonus will determine a groups’ overall power when heading into battle.

Combat itself is relatively automated, taking it in turns the entirety of the players team will attack, Mercs and Heroes building up Rage with their attacks that they then spend to perform more powerful skills. Players have the choice of either controlling their character to determine which skills they use and when, or leaving it entirely up to the AI to control everything in the battle with the automated feature. World Bosses, Dungeons, Quest Fights, Merc Quest and PVP all have the same format for combat and the skill for players comes in trying to create the most viable team strategy.

Winterfrost Legacy mmorpg game

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