AirRivals MMORPG Game

AirRivals MMORPG Game

AirRivals mmorpg game
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Air Rivals

Game Style: Free to play Flight Sim Shooter MMO
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: MansangSoft

On the distant world of Phillon war has broken out as the powerful and oppressive government of Bygeniou City United (BCU) try to assert their dominance and control over the populous, with elitist ideals and dreams of unification they wish to bring everyone under the same banner, whether they like it or not. Breaking away from the government are the Anti-Nationalism Influence (ANI), deemed rebels and terrorists and hunted down by the BCU turning the world of Phillon into a war zone, for this futuristic war does not take place on the ground with tanks and infantry but up in the skies with amazing Gears, militarised flying ships capable of performing death-defying manoeuvres and putting out some real firepower.

In Air Rivals each player will align themselves with one of these two major factions in a huge open world environment just waiting to be discovered and explored, with chains of maps that are on locked in episodic content that pushes through story driven quest elements of the game. Whilst there are PVE elements to the game, including dungeon like instances known as Infinity Fields as well as Mission focused content, the game primarily revolves around the PVP content, particularly open world PVP where players will constantly come across their rivals and combat can happen at any time, though there are times where players may simply wish to go about their business and not engage one another.

Each player in the game has access to the four different Gears that they can fly, but on each server players only have three “character “ slots so they cannot play all four Gears on the same server. These Gears act as different classes with each ship having its own skills, features and primary abilities that define it from its counterparts, such as the A-Gear being able to turn itself into a stationary AA Gun, the M-Gear offering up buffs to allies as a support ship, the B-Gears capabilities of doing bombing runs on both ground and air targets and the classic I-Gear that is a nimble and fleet ship able to travel at incredible speeds and boasts unmatchable dodge capabilities.

In PVP players are able to earn War Points each time they complete an objective or kill an enemy ship, interned these points can be spent in the War Point Shop, which makes it available a wide list of powerful items and gear to improve their Gears. As the game is a free to play MMO players are capable of levelling up and acquiring items and upgrades simply through playing, looting from Bosses as well as crafting them from different Recipes; however there is also a Cash Shop where players can spend real-world money to buy items in the game through micro-transactions. With the Cash Shop players can purchase exclusive items, augmentations that will boost various aspects of a players Gear e.g. exp boosts and increased loot drop rate, as well as a variety of unique appearance customisation options and more.

AirRivals mmorpg game

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