Armored Warfare MMORPG Game

Armored Warfare MMORPG Game

Armored Warfare mmorpg game
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Armored Warfare

Game Style: Free to play Tank MMO-Shooter
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Obsidian Entertainment

Developed on the Cry Engine 3 Armored Warfare is a spectacular looking tank shooter MMO with a modern day theme, using dozens of modern tanks and armored vehicles and battling across modern settings with themed maps. Players have numerous playstyles available to them due to the variety of tank classes and individual customization through Commanders, Crew, Retrofits and Upgrades allowing players to build the types of tank they wish to play. Armored Warfare is completely free to play and can be downloaded through the games official website.

There is a large choice of vehicles available to players that are categorized by both Tiers to show their strength and Classes to determine their general role; players unlock these vehicles by gaining Reputation from their performance in battles and must then purchase them with credits earned in the same way. The classes of vehicle available, which covers both traditional modern tanks as well as other armored vehicles, are: MBTs (Main Battle Tanks), Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles) and SPGs (Self-Propelled Guns). MBTs are the most balanced tank, with a relatively decent mobility and damage output they are the most heavily armored unit on the battlefield, the opposite of the Light Tank which trades off its heavy armor to make it considerably more mobile and better utilized as a flanking hit and run vehicle. Tank Destroyers are all about damage output, with long range snipe attacks they can put down any enemy vehicle, but they are vulnerable if spotted by the enemy due to their lower armor. AFVs make perfect scouting vehicles; the fastest and most mobile vehicles in a battle they can get to the front lines, scout out enemy positions, tag opponents for their team and then get out. AFVs are also ideal for hunting down SPGs that lack a lot of mobility but have an unmatched range, able to shoot beyond their line of site to take out dug in enemies that have made a fortified position.

Players unlock and collect new vehicles in their garage, but each can be customized with its very own Crew that can be levelled up to gain access to new skills, though is bound forever to the vehicle it was recruited for. Similarly upgrades will improve a tanks stats and Retrofits will modify it to boost its abilities. Each player also has access to Commander that act in a similar way to the Crew, but they are able to switch between tanks and bring their boosts with them.

The combat is a mix of strategy and planning, players keeping cover and stealth to seek out the enemy, then matched by explosive battles and gunfire for a heart pumping fight. The game supports both a co-op PVE game mode where groups of 5 go up against AI enemies and an extremely challenging Boss in some objective bases missions, or they can fight in 15 v 15 PVP matches in a battle to capture the opposing teamís base or eliminate all enemy players.

Armored Warfare mmorpg game

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