Asterix & Friends MMORPG Game

Asterix & Friends MMORPG Game

Asterix & Friends mmorpg game
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Asterix & Friends
Genre: F2P Management and Strategy MMO
Available Platforms: Windows
Developers: EA Digital Illusions

The year is 50 BC and Europe is slowly fallen to the Roman Empire under the leadership of the great and powerful Caesar, marching across the lands these foreign invaders have expanded their borders territory by territory and toppled Kings and armies and all have fallen to the power of their legionnaires. All but one small village in the land of Gaul where after months of occupation these stubborn and daring warriors have resisted taxation attempts and simply arenít prepared to give up without a fight, now this resistance force rallies around a single name: Asterix the Gaul.

This free to play resource and city management game puts you in the role of a fledgling warrior helping to rebuild what is left of your own village and using it as a staging point to reunite those nearby villages that fell to the Romansí attacks. It is your duty to help Asterix and co. Rise up a rebellion and fight back, undertaking a number of different tasks and missions that will guide you through gathering much needed materials and reconstructing buildings, items and village defences.

By completing tasks and performing actions in the game players will gain XP to help them level up, in doing so they will be rewarded with various resources needed to build and craft as well as Roman Helmets, which are the premium currency used in game (and can be bought with real-world money) that players can use to instantly build and craft without having to wait the normal amount of time it would take to create these objects. By levelling up players unlock new and improved buildings, units and items to best serve them in the fight against Caesarís forces.

In the game players can actively go out to attack and ambush the nearby legionnaires that can be found stationed around the territory map, initiating an attack will shoulder strength of the current force and the chance of succeeding in an attack, starting at 0% players will then choose which of their villagers they wish to engage in the brawl, each villager being equipped with their own weapons, items and armour that gives them an overall strength rating. The more of your villagers added to the fight or the stronger the individual villager is, the higher this percentage increases, and in some circumstances players will be able to fight alongside Asterix and Obelix who, of course are considered undefeatable giving a 100% chance of success against the Roman invaders.

Asterix & Friends mmorpg game

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