Atlas Rogues MMORPG Game

Atlas Rogues MMORPG Game

Atlas Rogues mmorpg game
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Atlas Rogues

Set in the futuristic megacity of Atlas City players step into the shoes of an interesting bunch of rag-tag freelancers fighting for survival, money and for the hell of it; in this B2P team based tactical strategy players will have to pit their wits against each other in competitive PVP matches. With elements of turn based strategy instead of having to wait for teammates and rivals to take their turn, in Atlas Rogues everyone choose what they want to do simultaneously creating some intense combat situations where players must try to second guess what their opponent intends to do and always trying to keep ahead of them. You can play Atlas Rogues on Glyph or Steam.

An ever growing cast of characters sees players being able to choose from the charming and daring Lockwood, with quick reflexes and a quick draw he’s a master of the trick shot and evading attacks, or the engineer Zuki with a thing for big bombs and even bigger explosions. Pup is Zuki’s pet robot dog, he might not look like much but he’s a little dog with a big personality and an even bigger bite! Each of these characters has four unique abilities including one ultimate ability, used by build-up Energy from using their normal abilities, which generally define the type of character they are from melee to ranged, whether they are damaged focused or more support characters.

The maps are made up of gridded battlefields littered with walls and cover such as objects and low walls that players can hide behind to take damage reductions against attacks. Each round players get to move their character around the map and choose one ability action, once they have decided what they want to do then players lock in with space bar and the turn ends, with every character performing their actions at the same time; even if a character is killed during the turn they still use their chosen abilities before this happens.

Abilities always occur before the players’ movement, however there are different phases that abilities can fall into: Blast, Dash and Prep. Blast Phase is when the majority of actions are taken, particularly damage dealing abilities, if a player targets an opponent with a Blast ability during their turn then when everyone has locked in and the turn happens then they make their attack and deal the damage. Dash actions occur before Blast actions, and so a player may use an evade ability to dodge any attacks that may be targeting them; when the turn is ended the player will make their Dash and move then in the Blast phase the attacks are made where the player was supposed to be, and so players must predict whether a character will stay in place. Finally the Prep Phase comes first, primarily used to buff and protect allies or setup traps, enabling players to potentially lay down a trap before an enemy Evades meaning they may move over it.

Genre Type: Tactical Team
Platform Accessibility: Windows
Development By: Gamigo / Trion Worlds

Atlas Rogues mmorpg game

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