League of Angels MMORPG Game

League of Angels MMORPG Game

League of Angels mmorpg game
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League of Angels is a Free to Play MMORPG, available Platform: Internet Browser, Developed By: Uuzu.

In LOA players take on the role of a hero destined to battle a feared dark Lord and ruler of evil Demons that have brought suffering to the world. As the chosen one it is your duty to rally together heroes and Angels to your side in preparation for the battle to come. This free to play MMO RPG is set in a unique fantasy land, with hints of real-world mythology, and is a casual game that is accessible through your web browser with no need for a client download.

The game itself is a quest-based MMO where players can choose from one of two different classes, either the defensive warrior or the destructive mage, each of which comes as a premade character with an option for both male and female versions. Players have to major goals in the game; to build up their party made up of their own character, heroes and powerful Angels and level them up and secondly to equip them with new gear in the forms of weapons, armour, items and accessories. Players have the chance to earn cosmetic clothing items which will also give boosts to players battle rating, an indicator of just how powerful they are, which can be unlocked through quests as rewards or purchased from the game store. Clothing has the benefit of being stackable over the top of armour and players can create sets to give extra set bonuses.

Players are also able to purchase medals that are required with honour points that players and in the cross server war, which gives players extra boosts. Different equipment pieces will directly increase a particular attribute, weapons improved players attack, armour increases their physical defence, greaves improve magical defence, helmets increases hit points total, rings improve both their crit rate and hit rate and boots increase the characters agility. As well is different equipment types they come in a variety of different qualities, from green been the weakest to read being the most formidable piece of gear. Items can be earned through quests, activities such as the arena and special server events or purchased in the shops.

As well as gear players must increase their own stats as well as their companions this is done by gaining XP from questing and killing monsters. The player will constantly earn XP and level up, but they can also unlock Astrals which give periodic stats and increases and can be accessed every few levels. Angels can gain XP once they are bonded to a character, as well as a player gaining an Astral Tear item, which is used to give Angels a huge chunk of XP to level them up more quickly.

Once the party is levelled and well equipped they are ready to combat, which is completely automated and relies specifically on how well you have kitted out your team. Players will enter an instance and fight against enemies, each side automatically performing attacks whilst the player watches the battle be resolved. Success in battle will once more yield its own rewards.

League of Angels mmorpg game

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