Aura Kingdom MMORPG Game

Aura Kingdom MMORPG Game

Aura Kingdom mmorpg game
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Aura Kingdom
Game Genre: Fantasy Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game
Available Platform: Windows
Developed By: X-Legend Entertainment

When the lands of Gaia fall under the threat of the looming black knight and his terrifying Demon horde, those heroes who would normally stand in the way of such a threat are absent, the powerful Suna has fallen sick and the hero Reinhardt have disappeared on his last quest. So the planet turns to seemingly every day individuals going about their daily lives and awakens in them the power of the spirits and thus making them a force for good to fight this dark army that threatens the world.

Players take on the role of an Envoy of Gaia, these unique individuals who have been blessed with Gaia’s awesome power, with their own powers and abilities and the manifestation of their own Eidolon companion that is made up from the good and honour in their own hearts. These companions will fight alongside their sworn Envoy, using their own skills and powers, as together the pair face off against dark creatures and perilous threats to the world and its people. Both players’ characters and Eidolon’s will gain XP through completing quests and fighting enemies, independently levelling up and learning new abilities as they become more powerful.

Players are able to choose from eight available classes: Defender, Wizard, Sorcerer, Duellist, Grenadier, Bard, Gunslinger and Ravager, each of which fills their own role in a party and has unique abilities and skills and a completely different style of play. At class selection players can look over the various stats that show each classes strengths and weaknesses in various categories: Single Target combat, Defensive, Evasive, Area of Effect, Support and Heal. With this quick snapshot it is easier to pair up your chosen Eidolon, four of which are available at character creation, to either make up for your own classes shortfalls (eg. choosing an Eidolon with a good Heal rating if your chosen class has none) or choosing one to maximise a particular function (a class and Eidolon that are both exceptional at Area of Effect), giving a new level of customisation to combat.

In the game players will traverse a vast fantastic world, taking them into shadowy forests and awe-inspiring cities, during their travels they will meet a number of NPC’s and key characters that will give them various missions and tasks to complete in order to gain coin, XP, fame points and loyalty points to either unlock achievements and item rewards or progress the game’s story arc. Away from PVE Envoy’s can take a break from their questing and test their abilities against other players in the PVP battle arenas where they can win prizes and glory!

Aura Kingdom mmorpg game

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