Conflict Of Nations WW3 MMORPG Game

Conflict Of Nations WW3 MMORPG Game

Conflict Of Nations WW3 mmorpg game
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Conflict of Nations

Game Style: Free to play cros-platform Strategy (browser and mobile devices)
Available Platforms: Internet Browsers and mobile devices
Developing Studio: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games

Conflict of Nations is a cross-platform MMO real time strategy where each player controls a real world nation in the beginning of a global conflict (play on your browsr or mobile devices); in the game players will vie for control of cities and countries in an attempt at global domination competing against other players or establishing Alliances and working together to seal victory. The game is free to play and has a premium currency option allowing players to purchase currency and use it to speed up constructions, research, purchase resources, and more.

The main goal in Conflict of Nations is to earn Victory Points, this is done by capturing the thousands of key cities around the world as players battle across our own real world map; each city generates a number of Victory Points depending on how important it is such as a Capital or a resource rich city, if a player earns a set number of Victory Points as stated by the rounds victory conditions then they will win the game.

The path to victory is where players own strategy comes into it, dozens of players will be active on any single map at the same time and initially competing with each other, a persistent game that still carries on when an individual player logs off. When returning to the game players can check out the CQN News channel page that will highlight all the key global events as and when they happen so that they do not miss out on what has taken place; listing everything from attacks that have been made, wars that have been declared or alliances that have been formed, as well as this players can see the current Victory Point standings and which nation is currently in the lead.

Conflict of Nations offers a wide variety of strategy when it comes to competing against rival players, but importantly players must manage their resources and their time in order to run an efficient nation; where they choose to spend their resources and prioritise their time (with actions taking hours and possibly days to complete) will be dependent on the players individual short term and long term goals. Players can focus their time on developing research to acquire more powerful units, or constructing units to engage in battles against other armies, diplomacy and trade opens up the chance to exchange resources with other players and work together on achieving Victory Points. Finally players can put emphasis on their Espionage network, using spies to gather intelligence on their opponent and conduct missions to discover what deals and alliances the target may have conducted in private, or how powerful their units are, even going so far as to conduct missions to sabotage a cities progression, lower morale to hinder the infrastructure, and even damage military units.

Gold Premium currency allows players to purchase resources and rush various queued actions, but players also have the option to subscribing for a "Security Council" membership that gives access to a handful of tools such as better build-queuing, Membership Privileges, Premium Chat, Fire-Control Settings and much more.

Conflict Of Nations WW3 mmorpg game

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