Cross Fire MMORPG Game

Cross Fire MMORPG Game

Cross Fire mmorpg game
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Cross Fire

Game Style: Free to play First Person Shooter MMO
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: SmileGate / G4Box

Cross Fire is a free to play first person shooter MMO where players can battle through a large choice of different game types over a number of different maps, each created to make fast and furious combat matches. The premise of the game revolves around a future where two large mercenary organisations now have almost unrivalled control over the world, the militant Black List and the personal contractors Global Risk.

Players can expect a number of classic combat modes in the game, such staples as Team Deathmatch, Free For All and Search & Destroy; with Search & Destroy each team has their own objective that they must accomplish such as one team trying to demolish particular bomb sites where the other team must defend them or both teams trying to demolish the opposing teams Radar Base in the Blackwidow map. Other game modes such as Ghost Mode works similarly to Search & Destroy, only one team has advanced stealth technology and are rendered near invisible whilst they try to disarm the other teams bonds, however they are equipped only with melee weapons! Mutation is one of the new modes where all humans work together, regardless of their faction, fighting off the mutant hordes; starting with one initial Mutant each time a human soldiers killed they will rise as a Mutant on the opposing team.

As well as the standard objective that comes with each game players are also able to pick up Missions that they can try to complete during the battle, which are daily, weekly or monthly missions that change each month. If the required task is completed then the player is rewarded for their efforts ranging from extra XP or in game currency and occasionally a variety of weapons and items.

The game offers an invaluable trial system when players are purchasing new equipment and weaponry for their character, allowing players to pay a small price to try out a weapon to 7 days before they decide if they want to pay the higher price and add it as a permanent fixture to their arsenal. There are a variety of weapons and miscellaneous accessories available, from shotguns, sniper rifles, SMG’s, grenades, actresses and more, players will have no problem outfitting their characters as best suits their preferred style of combat.

Ultimately players are often working towards working their way up the global leader board to try and be number one, however there are a number of personal achievements that players can work towards, Ribbons and Badges that can be displayed in their public profiles for other players to see.

With an added Replay system players are able to watch back to their battles and favourite kills as well as turning them into movie montages with the upgraded system that allows players to switch between players with the push of a button. This added feature is only enhanced the eSports options of the game and already the first real-world cash prize tournament has been organised.

Cross Fire mmorpg game

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