Crystal Saga II MMORPG Game

Crystal Saga II MMORPG Game

Crystal Saga II mmorpg game
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In Crystal Saga II players can create their own hero from numerous classes and fight their way through quest driven story content to acquire new gear, earn XP to level up, and gain access to new features as they advance. The game is free to play on web browsers, with no necessary client, and has a VIP system where players can spend real cash to earn in game perks with the more money spent the better the perks/VIP level players can earn.

There are six available classes for players to choose for their character; Rogue, Priest, Knight, Mage, Ranger and Beastmaster, each class has unique skills and a different playstyle, particularly when fighting alongside other players in a group and fulfilling a specific role. Classes are defined primarily by the types of gear they can wear, their primary stats (such as Knights focusing on Endurance to earn more hitpoints and have a higher physical defense score, or Rogues focusing more on Agility to increase both their hit rate, critical strikes and dodge ability), as well as their skills. Each class has set skills, but with two skill trees per class players can upgrade the power of their abilities or unlock new ones, adding a level of personal customization to the class. With gear players can find new items, upgrade, enchant and optimize them with gems, other items such as mounts, wings and more will also improve a characters combat proficiency.

One of the key areas for enhancing a character, but also for fun, is acquiring Pets. Players can have seven pets with one of them being the primary battle pet and the others being support pets for both the battle pet and the player themselves. Pets can be earned in a variety of ways, from taking Taming Scrolls and teleporting to the Monster Island to find a pet, or heading to the Pet Temple and praying.

Combat is relatively straightforward and players do not need to move themselves around the battlefield strategically, instead they trade blows with their opponent until either they or their targets have no hitpoints. Whilst quests will take you around the world talking to different NPCs and learning more about the world through quest dialogue, many quests rely on killing creatures and monsters. With the AFK Mode this task is made even easier, players can earn/find/buy AFK Time and spend it to send their character fighting particular enemies, using potions at set times, looting certain types of items, and more.

There are various events in the game that focus around PVE and PVP content. For PVP players can challenge each other in the arena and battle for rank and rewards, automated battles where players must prepare their character beforehand. For PVE there are various open world quests, instanced based solo and group dungeons, Magic Tower where players battle through different levels to earn orbs and essence, or the Overlord world boss fights where players who can deal the most damage to these ferocious enemies earn the best rewards.

Game Style: Free to play RPG
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: R2Games

Crystal Saga II mmorpg game

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