Football Superstars MMORPG Game

Football Superstars MMORPG Game

Football Superstars mmorpg game
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Football Superstars is the world’s first and only Football game that allows you to live
the life of a true football legend. Play high paced, action packed games for your
team, then spend your hard earned salary on the latest designer clothes, drinks in
the hippest bars and of course time in the gym, ensuring you are always in top physical condition!

Football Superstars is different from every other version of the beautiful game. How? Well, Football Superstars is all about one person: YOU. Rather than controlling the player closest to the ball you’ll only be able to manipulate the player you walked out onto the pitch with. Your team-mates, just like in real life, will be other individual online players.
The other key difference from your average football game is that the action doesn’t stop once the final whistle blows. In the Football Superstars world, the better you do on the pitch, the more famous your celebrity becomes off it, score in a big match and expect to be recognised in one of the game’s more exclusive night spots.
Before you become a VIP, though, you need to learn the basics. After starting out with three and five-a-side games, you will rise up the ranks, on your way to superstardom, unlocking the 7 & 11-a-side match options. Save some of your salary for one of the gyms to make you stronger and more agile, or visit one of the in world trainers to buy a special skill. Some players are all about the bling, and this is catered by the numerous shops selling anything from designer suits to gold tuxedos! After all, nothing says celeb footballer quite like a gold tux!
No longer are Football games just about what you do on the pitch.
So what are you waiting for? Downloading and playing Football Superstars is free. Register your account and you could soon be an online Superstar!

- Create yourself and explore the world’s first virtual football environment then play as a single player in 3 / 5 / 7 & 11-a-side games, both indoor and in huge stadia with thousands of others from around the world.
- Train and develop your player by visiting gyms and purchasing tricks and skill moves from the in world trainers.
- Become more famous and therefore earn more money by conducting interviews with Newspaper, Radio and TV journalists.
- Spend your salary on the most fashionable clothes and on socialising in some of the world’s exclusive bars, clubs and restaurants.
- Buy fully licensed items from Puma and Reebok to enhance your on pitch performance.
- Manager your very own team in the deep Player managed Club (PMC) mode. Hire friends, decide tactics real time, and organise matches against other, likeminded coaches.
- Play with precision - 3D positional VOIP (voice over IP) gives you pinpoint accuracy when locating team mates on the pitch. (Headset Required for VOIP)

Minimum System Requirements Intel or AMD 1.5GHz (Processor) 512MB RAM 128MB 3D Graphics Card 1GB Free Disk Space Sound Card Broadband Internet Connection DirectX9c Win2K/WinXP/Vista

Football Superstars mmorpg game

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