Hero Zero MMORPG Game

Hero Zero MMORPG Game

Hero Zero mmorpg game
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Take on all manner of bad guys in Hero Zero, starting out life as a wannabe do-gooder you patrol the streets helping old grannies crossing the road and helping red-green colour blind people navigate through traffic lights. To start with yours is not the memorable life of a superhero, but in time you will rise in the ranks, increase your own abilities and begin to take on the big bad guys in the city.

Levelling up in Hero Zero is done through performing missions; Time and Fighting based activities that will yield EXP and coins. EXP will allow you to improve your characters stats and abilities, which in turn will unlock new areas to quest in and take on more difficult and interesting missions for your hero. The coins you earn can be spent in the game store and used to buy various cosmetic costume pieces that not only look great, but also further improve your abilities. Choose from a selection of glitzy slippers, flowery shirts, wigs, glasses, capes and nightgowns!

The game has a wonderful comic book style to its graphics, which looks sleek and impressive and really suit the humorous tone that the games dialogue, costumes and themes build. A very casual game that is fun to just pick up and play, but with PvP and team based combat Hero Zero also offers a competitive game.

Hero Zero mmorpg game

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