Imperia Online MMORPG Game

Imperia Online MMORPG Game

Imperia Online mmorpg game
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Join the medieval world of Imperia Online and begin your ascension to power!

On the outset, you're given but a single village at your disposal, with a couple of houses, some production facilities, and not much else. It is from there that you take matters into your own hands. First order of business is to establish a strong economy: to that end you'll need to put your population to work at different resource-producing buildings, such as the lumber mill, the ore mine or the stone quarry, all the while striving to keep your villagers well-fed and happy. Should you fail in your duties to your people there's a real danger that you'd start losing them to starvation or because they preferred to leave your holdings in search of greener pastures.

Once you've amassed sufficient raw materials, it's time to get busy with growing your settlement. A fortress is crucial for the protection of your capital. Starting from a small keep, you'll soon need to grow it, both to bolster you defenses and to expand the capacity of your stores. Prosperity is not without its cost as you grow in power, other players will cast an envious gaze upon your territories, and when they do you'd better be ready to rebuff them with your moats, and towers, and curtain walls.

The second most important landmark of your Empire is the palace. It is from there that your Emperor (or Empress, as the case may be) rules over the realm and it is where heirs and aristocrats live. Each nobleman in your court will contribute vital skills to your cause and it's up to you to appraise and use them in the best way possible. Do you need to amass an army quickly in a province? Put a Governor in charge with the skills too boost up your recruitment speed. Do you want to roll over your opponents like an unstoppable tide? You put in command of your forces a General with the Attacker talent.

Finally, when you've mastered the matters of economy and war, why not seek some additional strength in numbers? By joining an Alliance you can share resources and technologies with your friends, giving you access to options none of you have on your own. And only as part of an Alliance you can join in the ultimate challenge Imperia Online has to offer the Lords of the Realm event, held at the end of each game era, where the best players compete for domination of the world, and all the bragging rights thereof.

Whether you pick the path of a team player or a lone wolf, Imperia Online's dynamic world of economic strategy and medieval battles awaits you! Rise to greatness by your own hand; fight and conquer thousands of real players; carve a name for yourself in history and eternal glory will be yours!

Imperia Online mmorpg game

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