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Islandoom MMORPG Game

Islandoom mmorpg game
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ISLANDOOM is an economic and strategic game, browser-based Strategy Free-to-play game . Moves the user to the marine game world. The player becomes the commander of an uninhabited island and leads one of four nations, which he chooses according to his preferences.

Each user's task is to discover new areas on the map, expand their sphere of influence, develop island economy and trade with other players, but above all he should build his powerful war fleet, which will allow him to conquer the world of the game. In addition, numerous missions, opportunities to acquire items and develop the hero's abilities are created for variety . The player can also join alliances to share knowledge with others and to attack others in order to acquire new territories on the map. The game was created for all players without age or gender division.

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser

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Islandoom mmorpg game

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