KingsRoad MMORPG Game

KingsRoad MMORPG Game

KingsRoad mmorpg game
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KingsRoad, is a Free to play Fantasy Action MMORPG game, available Platforms: Web Browsers and Developed by Rumble Games.

KingsRoad is the new browser MMO RPG from Rumble Games where players step into the shoes of the hero of Alderstone, the fictional fantasy realm that is plagued by evil and ne’er do wells looking to bring misery to the citizens of the land. Play as three different classes all on the same character, discover new gear and items to equip your hero, complete quests for notable NPC’s and gain XP to level up your class and learn new powerful abilities and unlock the story of this epic saga. The game is 100% free to play with the choice of purchasing in game currency, which can also be earned through simply playing as normal.

With the unique dynamic class system players can switch classes in an instant and level up each class independently with their own skills and abilities. Play as a defensive Knight who can tank with the best of them, handling multiple enemies at once and shrugging off their attacks with ease. Players the Archer, preferring to stay out of the melee he can be found at the edge of the battle firing a stream of arrows at his foes with deadly accuracy and an unbeaten range. The wizard is competent with long range spells that will devastate multiple opponents in a single strike of a fireball or handle those enemies that managed to get to close with a quick blast of his freeze spell to hit nearby mobs. Every time a class is levelled up the player gains a skill points to unlock a new ability or improve and ability that they have previously learned and increasing its potency.

As players progress through the game they will unlock new maps, rescue new NPC’s which will in turn give them access to new features. The initial townsfolk that the player will save give access to a supply shop to purchase provisions that can help you heal your wounds and restore your mana, the resource is used to perform your actions in battle. Similarly when the player rescues the blacksmith the access the Forge feature that lets players hand in 6 pieces of common armour and equipment and convert them into one piece of fine quality armour. Features are unlocked in a variety of ways, level prerequisites whereas features like the “Heroic Mode” for each map/quest can only be unlocked once a player has completed every quest in normal mode. Heroic mode allows players to revisit a map and gain higher quality rewards, but the enemies that they will face will be considerably more difficult this time around; when a player completes all the maps on heroic mode you get to do it all again on “Champion Mode ”.

Players can earn “Gems” by completing quests, there are even able to repeat the same quests on normal mode to gain even more gems with each successful play through. These gems are used to buy costumes skins from the in game store, can be used to unlock features prior to reaching level requirement, used to open treasure chests that are discovered during a quest or purchasing extra skill points to improve your class and gain more abilities.

KingsRoad mmorpg game

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