League of Angels II MMORPG Game

League of Angels II MMORPG Game

League of Angels II mmorpg game
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League of Angels 2

League of Angels - LoA2 is a Free2Play Browser Strategy MMO RPG Game published by R2Games.

The Might of Valor has fallen into the hands of the Plague Queen and allowed her to corrupt the hearts and minds of some of the greatest Angels and legendary Heroes the realm has ever seen, now you are tasked by the League of Angels to defeat these fallen souls and bring them back as the war against the Orc Legion begins. League of Angels 2 sees the same gameplay we saw in the original title but with fully enhanced graphics and animations and tweaked features to bring a fresh spin on the title; completely free to play users can play the game through their browser without the need of any client download.

As with the original players will build their own army of Heroes and Angels into a powerful squad, upgrading them and equipping them with gear to increase the teams overall BR (Battle Rating), a numerical indicator of just how powerful the team and all their attributes are. From here players head through a series of events and features such as the solo single player quests which will reveal the ongoing story-arc in the game through a series of combat stages where players face off against different creatures and the fallen heroes who, once defeated, become available to the player to recruit.

Every recruitable hero has their own stats (attack, defense, etc.) as well as skills that have a very specific focus, such as healing the front line of your team, or attacking all of the enemy backline, or attacking directly in front of them. With this in mind players need to strategize which are the best companions to have in their squad of six, choosing their position in the formation and trying to work out some synergy between the characters. The skill in the game comes mostly from building a strong team and working out which characters work best with each other, actual combat is automated with players only able to choose when the heroic ultimate triggers, which is built up by taking damage and making attacks building up a rage bar, however in PVP players do not get to choose when this triggers and instead combat is fully AFK.

There are various events in the game that players can participate in that are unlocked when players reach certain levels; these can be solo events such as the Arena, Solo Dungeons or Hero Trial where players are able to get lots of resources. There is a variety of Multiplayer content with Guild Dungeons and Bosses where guildmates can work with each other to take on some powerful challenges, the World Boss where players gather and try to kill a Boss mob with rewards being given to those that deal the most damage, as well as this there are multiplayer dungeons where players can help each other.

LOA2 is free to play but players can purchase Diamonds with real cash which allow them to purchase various boosts and Heroes in the shop, recharge their stamina, and more, the more Diamonds you buy the higher your VIP status which gives extra bonuses.

Game Style: Free to play Strategy RPG
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: GTArcade

League of Angels II mmorpg game

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