Lords & Knights MMORPG Game

Lords & Knights MMORPG Game

Lords & Knights mmorpg game
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Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights is an intricate medieval themed browser and mobile MMO that is completely free to play. In it, players are the Lords of their own Castle and are tasked with trying to expand their territory, gather resources, field a military force and battle against rival players in strategic battles. As players are able to conquer other Castles and players it is considered a PVP title and players are encouraged to work together and form Alliances in order to gain an element of protection and cooperation against other aggressive players and Alliances.

A players first Castle is somewhat run down and so they must begin by gathering resources through various means; production buildings, events, missions and raiding other Castles and resource points. Resources come in various forms including building materials such as Wood and Stone that are needed to upgrade buildings, Castles, Fortresses and Cities, players must also earn coins in the form of Copper, Silver and Gold. Copper is used for spying on other player controlled Castles to find out more information about them and their defences and requires a player to spend more Copper than their target has stored there (promoting players to store high amounts of Copper in locations they donít want spied upon). Silver is used to exchange building resources, but also needed to expand and take over other Castles and Fortresses (the cost increases the larger a playerís own Empire becomes). Gold is a premium currency used to rush buildings, training, research, expand the construction queues, replenish resources and many more things; it can be earned by watching videos or bought with real money.

Expansion is the name of the game and so players must train up an army of troops and send them off into battle to attack rival Castles, raids can be enough to steal resources and bring them back to their own Empire; but destroy a targets defences and a player can conquer a Castle and become the new owner. Combat consists of selecting a target on the world map and choosing the trained troops the players wishes to send; there is a travel time with every attack and players are notified of what time of day (according to that server) the units will arrive, this is especially important as a Castles defensive are far stronger during the night and so an attack that will arrive after sunset can find themselves very quickly outmatched and the player suffer a much higher casualty rate.

Controlling five Castles in close proximity that have been fully upgraded and they can be combined into a single Fortress, which whilst initially weaker than the Castles they consumed it can be upgraded to become far more powerful. Similarly if a player controls five Fortresses they can combine them into a City; both Fortresses and Cities require a technology and currency to convert but provide massive amounts of boosts to the player including increases resource production and higher storage capacity.

Genre Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Mobile and Web Browser
Development By: Xyrality

Lords & Knights mmorpg game

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