MechWarrior Online MMORPG Game

MechWarrior Online MMORPG Game

MechWarrior Online mmorpg game
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MechWarrior Online is a Free-to-Play MMO Tactical FPS developd by Piranha Games for Windosw.

In this firstperson free-to-play shooter MMO set in the future where the entire galaxy is a battlefield where planets and systems fight amongst each other trying to wrest control of resource rich planets and moons in an endless war. These wars aren’t fought by infantrymen; instead they are fought by MechWarrior pilots who control skyscraper sized, humanoid structured, armoured platforms. Adopting the lore and setting of the BattleTech canon established in the MechWarrior franchise players can join this war and earned for themselves fame and fortune.

Players can choose to align themselves with one of the games six available factions: the Shogun styles House Kurita, the dutiful House Liao, the diverse House Marik, the economic power of House Steiner, the once Nordic people of the Free Rasalhague Republic and the noble House Davion. Alternatively players can choose to join a mercenary corporation or even go at it alone as a privately funded MechWarrior that acts as a neutral lone wolf and choose to stay out of the political, religious, economical and territorial feuds that have blanketed various systems in conflict and turmoil.

Players can choose to fight into different game modes, each of which are team based, either 8v8 “Assault” game which is a Team Deathmatch type mode with an additional base capture/defend challenge component added to it. Alternatively players can engage in “Conquest” which is a resource capture point, made up of five different points on a battle map where players must fight to control them and gain enough resources over time to win the battle (alternatively they can just destroy all the enemy opposition BattleMechs). These battles take place on nine different maps each of which is uniquely themed to a different to rain landscape, from snowcapped peaks to urban sprawls, even specific elements of the map can change gameplay drastically.

Players are able to customise their own BattleMechs slopping out different weapons, armour, engines, gear, heatsinks, modules and more as well as customising the visual cosmetics of their mech in the MechLab, doing so costs in game currency known as C-Bills which is earned through gameplay which can buy any item available in the game. Depending on the way you have outfitted your BattleMech and the initial base model you have chosen will often determine your primary role within the battle making a fully flexible system where players can dictate how they wish to play.

MechWarrior Online mmorpg game

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