New World Empires MMORPG Game

New World Empires MMORPG Game

New World Empires mmorpg game
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New World Empires

New World Empires, playable through web browsers, this free to play strategy sees players ruling over a nation in 19th Century Europe during the European age of colonization; the new world has been discovered and it is your chance to claim these new lands or conquer old rivals and take their territories from them. A long paced strategy New World Empires takes traditional resource management and throws in new features to enhance the overall tactical experience when going head to head with real world players in a battle of complete domination.

The world itself is broken down into hundreds of smaller provinces, each governed by a single town or city that falls under the control of a single nation. When a new game is launched each nation is controlled by the AI, but as players join they will fill up the ranks of the larger nations, with only smaller nations being controlled by the game itself. Players are free to form their own diplomatic missions, trade, alliances and wars with each other, particularly with other rival players and PVP is a large motivator in the game.

Controlling provinces gives players more options with what they can construct, focusing certain provinces on building up units or enhancing their economy, as well as giving access to different goods and resources necessary for running an empire and keeping the populous happy. More importantly each province is worth a number of Victory Points for its owner, as the end of the game (around sixty real world days) the player that has the most Victory Points from their total provinces is declared the winner.

Players must constantly balance resources and their own time, all actions take minutes, hours and sometimes even days to complete and so planning ahead is vital to success. Choosing which of the 150 technologies to focus on, whether you need to build a strong defensive army or one that can be used to crush your neighbours. Players can also look to carve out a piece of the new world for themselves as they train and send forth explorers to find new land and colonists to bring it into the fold of their growing empire. The strength and level of a province directly improves the number of Victory Points it is worth, making it possible to focus on improving the quality of your provinces instead of being an expansionist and simply trying to take more; but remember that a high quality province is a lucrative prospect for other greedy minded players.

As new techs are discovered players will get access to all manner of buildings as well as a variety of units that will build up their army; these units improve as new technologies become available as the game advances, with new technology tiers unlocked at specific days to set the pace of advancement. Players can use their forces to attack enemies, the types of units they send and their level, as well as other factors such as terrain and unit morale will have a great impact on the battle and the game will work out automatically who is the victor from an engagement.

Game Style: Free to play Strategy
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: Bytro Labs

New World Empires mmorpg game

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