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NosTale MMORPG Game

NosTale mmorpg game
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NosTale is a Free to play Anime Action MMORPG

In NosTale players set out as mighty adventurers in a world of magic and fantasy where they can choose from three different class paths; this the Swordsman, the Mage or the Archer. Players will undertake an exciting journey and play the primary role in a story driven campaign’s that takes place throughout the whole game as players complete quests to progress not only their own character but also the story itself. With both PvP and PvE content, with new features are unlocked as players gain levels, there is always a reason to step back into the world.

Starting as a level 1 newbie Adventurer players will slowly be taught the mechanics and systems of the game before they are required to choose their primary class, which they will advance through the progression of the game. The three classes are each broken down into seven different specialties that players will upgrade into automatically as they level up, adding new abilities and skills to their arsenal of powers.

PvE plays a big role in the game and players will be able to explore exciting new locales as they are sent on many quests across the world, many of these quests will lead players into Time-spaces, instanced based areas that players must enter and complete to progress the main storyline. Entered through a time-space stone players can occasionally enter them with a group, but many require players to enter them solo, put one key feature is that there is a time limit that players must complete the mission in as well as them also only having a limited amount of health (although all time-space locations are repeatable if the player fails the mission).

PvP comes in a variety of forms including Icebreaker where teams fight against each other and if a player is reduced to 0 hit points they are frozen up, though they can be thawed out by other players which will put that player onto that persons team. The Rainbow Battle consists of up to 15 players made up from the leaders of the in game Families (the games equivalent of Guilds) the Family Head or Family Deputy during the battle teams must collect crystals until the timer it is up and those with the most crystals at the end are the winners.

There are a variety of mini games that are accessible including the option to own and decorate your own home, where players are able to invite over their friends who can take a break from the day-to-day grind of battling monsters and other player. It is also the gathering place of the Partners that players have discovered in their journey, NPC companions that players can earn through quests and level them up as they fight by their side in battle. Players are able to decorate their houses with a variety of mini games, which players are able to use to earn points and prizes (which also gives the owner some rewards ) and players are able to open their homes up to the public.

NosTale mmorpg game

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