Path of Exile MMORPG Game

Path of Exile MMORPG Game

Path of Exile mmorpg game
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Path of Exile is a Free to Play Action MMORPG, developed by Grinding Gear Games.

Those exiled from their home have managed to cross the ocean to Wraeclast, the old continent and once home to the mighty Eternal Empire that has long since fallen and buried its history and treasures beneath the wretched and fouled lands. This cursed continent is the home to undead, strange and daemonic creatures and dark beasts and terrifying monsters that seek to bring death to those who now try to carve out a new civilisation here. Path of Exile is a fast paced action MMORPG where players must work together, fight in randomly generated PVE environments, uncover valuable gear and powerful gems which they can use to battle back evil forces or trade with other so-called survivors.

When starting out and adventure each player gets to choose from seven different classes; Marauder, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Shadow, Duellist and Scion, each of which has one or more primary attributes that their class revolves around. Those classes focused around strength have more powerful physical attacks and increased defences, intelligence enables players to better utilise the arcane arts and use magic spells to destroy their foes or bolster their own defences, whereas those classes focused on dexterity rely on their speed and agility and ability to Dodge out of the way of enemy attacks. Whilst a class tells a player which attributes work best for them, players are able to create their own unique hybrid classes through various means of character customisation.

Players will rely heavily on gear, particularly their weapons and armour, each of which has up to 6 sockets built into it that can be used to equip gems. Each socket is coloured coordinated to one of the three attributes, that will match the colour of gem that can fit in it, and so some items are geared more towards a particular class and in some cases completely useless for another. These gems come in two forms: skill gems which will give players a brand-new skill and has an attribute prerequisite before it can be used, or a support gem that can be linked with a skill gem to enhance its properties and make it more powerful. Gems each have their own tier and can be levelled up whenever a player gains XP, the gems that are equipped will gain 10% of that and XP and increase in power. Even if the item is removed from its socket and given to another player it still has the same level, making gem trading a very lucrative profession.

Finally players can put skill points into the passive skill tree, a large tree of skills that can be used to boost your skills, attributes and change the way your class works, further promoting the idea of character customisation. All classes use the same tree, made up of 1350 skills, but will start in a different location on the tree with those skills and attribute boosts that are most beneficial to their class being the closest skill nodes to reach. Earn enough points and players can stretch their nodes across the tree in a long connected chain to reach skills typically used by another class, creating some unique hybrids.

Path of Exile mmorpg game

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