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Rift MMORPG Game

Rift mmorpg game
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Game Style: MMO RPG Free-to-play
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Trion Worlds

The world of Telara has fallen under the threat of the Dragon deities that ruled over the six elemental planes, rallied under the Dragon God of Extinction Regulos. When destroying a powerful ward that had imprisoned the Dragon Gods huge astral rips began to appear in the fabric of reality known as Rifts from which the Dragon Deities could send forth their armies to invade the world. In Rift players emerge as a newly born Ascended, warriors sworn to protect the world, defeat Regulos, his allies and their armies and seek out the Rifts and close them.

In this free to play story driven MMORPG players will travel and explore a vast fantasy world seeking out the Rifts, dynamic locations that will continuously appear in the various zones and bring forth powerful and devastating threats if they are not taken care of such as the world changing Colossi who can literally destroy the zone if left to its own devices. The open world has a variety of quest-based NPC’s guiding players from zone to zone, as well is this there are various instanced based PvE features that players can enjoy.

Players can explore the five player Dungeons dotted around the world or use the Instant Adventure feature to be transported with their group to a location and given a specific objective to complete. If players can assemble a larger group then the Slivers will transport a group of 10 to an alternate reality where the Blood Storm has overpowered the lands of Telara and players can see what fate awaits them if Regulos is victorious in their home plane. Twenty man Raids are available where players will directly fight against the greatest challenges in the game including the Dragons of the Blood Storm themselves, alternatively players can tackle such endgame content in the Chronicles feature where they can face the same threats solo or with a single friend to truly feel like they are playing their own saga and are the ultimate saviours of the world.

To take on these threats players are imbued with various powers taken from the four different classes that are available: Cleric, Mage, Rogue and Warrior, each having up to 10 different Souls available to it. Souls are essentially subclasses which will change the role of a primary class giving it access to specific skills and abilities that define how that class can and should be played. Players can further customise their character with the different Talent Trees available for each Soul and are able to save different variations and builds that they can switch between depending on the type of content they are facing.

The game features numerous additional features such as the Dimensions that allow players to build their own environments to role-play in, adventure or simply showcase the loot and objects they have managed to acquire whilst playing the game. PVP is fully available in both an open world format where players can potentially fight each other all across the realm of Telara or take the fight to a three faction split battlefield known as a Warfront

Rift mmorpg game

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