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Saga MMORPG Game

Saga mmorpg game
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SAGA is the only released MMORTS in which the world does not reset. In a fully persistent world everything you do matters because the tower you start building today will protect your territory for months and years to come. Troops that you start training in battle will become the units who lead your army in battle as they gain experience, rise in levels and acquire magical gear over the course of your adventures.

In SAGA you will take control of one of 6 factions, build an empire and participate in quests either alone or grouped with friends. You will form a guild and share in the spoils of your accomplishments. Lastly you will build a large army which you can customize by choosing from among 150 different spells and troops and equipping them with the thousands of combinations of weapons and armor, and further customize these treasures with enchantments.

The factions in SAGA are split into 2 warring alliances. The Order is made up of 3 factions. The forces of light consist of the righteous knights and paladins as well as a great air force including griffons, phoenixes and more than 1 dragon. The Forces of Nature consist of quick moving elves and elemental spirits such as the lighting and fire elementals. Backing them up is the technologically advanced machine faction consisting of dwarves with rocket launches, tanks and even mechanical giants.

The Brotherhood is made up of 3 factions as well. The forces of Magic consist of Dark elves wielding powerful magic and daemons. The forces of War consist of Orcs marching into battle alongside their terrible war machines. The last and most recent addition are the forces of the Undead with quick moving dread knights lead by Liches.

After choosing your faction you will begin by constructing your first buildings which will become the foundation for your empire. Then after constructing and army your quests begin. First with simple expeditions but eventually you will undertake great expeditions and go on epic quests which come complete with epic bosses. Of course with great challenges come great rewards.

Treasure and fame await the most cunning generals.

Welcome to SAGA.

Saga mmorpg game

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