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Siegelord MMORPG Game

Siegelord mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play RTS MMO
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: 37games

In Siegelord players choose to fight is one of three rival factions in a land war for the continent of Thieden, as a rising Lord it is your duty to rebuild the shattered remains of your city and once more train up your army to advance the glory of your Empire. The game focuses on strategic PvP and PvE combat where players will duke it out against the challenging AI opponents in the PvE campaign or against other real-world players in a battle for ever-changing control of territory. Siegelord is free to play and after registering your account through the official website can be played directly in any web browser.

Players start out the game recovering from an attack from a powerful enemy that has obliterated their city. After initially rebuilding some of the key structures that will enable resource production, population growth and access to key features such as training units in the Barracks and forging weapons to arm Generals, players must then choose their faction. There are three factions in the game to choose from, with each having a different benefit and game mechanics perk. Ultimately players will fight for this faction, try to expand its territories and should they perform well enough in PVP they may even be titled King for their faction.

One of the key areas in the game is the recruitment of Generals, typically made available after they have been defeated in battle players can spend gold to sway the General to their own side and put them in charge of their armies. Generals are equipped with their own gear, these items having various qualities ranging from common white items to legendary purple items that will give them more options and tactics in battle. Generals benefit from certain tactics as according to their traits be this being stronger when using a particular formation or when fighting on a specific type of terrain.

When two armies come to blows both the troops that a player has designated to join the battle and their enemy will line themselves up in rows, whoever attacks first must choose a formation/type of attack for their units with three different options. Each option and can easily be counter-attacked and players have a few seconds to quickly determine which attacks they wish to make (whilst counter-attacks can typically deal more damage, if a General is geared towards a particular attack type then the player may opt to use that instead). Once one of the rows of troops is wiped out it will be instantly replaced by the next row from its respective army, who in turn will be able to choose their type of attack/formation based on the enemy’s current choice and so may in fact counter the previous counter-attack. Battle continues until one army has no remaining troops.

Victory in battle will yield great rewards in the form of currency that can be used to purchase items, Generals, buildings for your city and more, as well as XP that will level a player up and give them access to new features and content.

Siegelord mmorpg game

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