Sparta: War of Empires MMORPG Game

Sparta: War of Empires MMORPG Game

Sparta: War of Empires mmorpg game
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Sparta: War of Empires

Game Style: Free to play City Management MMO
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Plarium

In the fifth century BC an army like never before seen has risen in ancient Persia, at the command of its new ruler Xerxes it has swept across the lands toppling cities and nations with ease as Kings and rulers fall under its power. Now this enemy has found its way to Greece and threatens the great nation and the many city states that make up its territory, as an Archon of one such city now falls to you to strengthen your own army, keep your rivals at bay, unite alongside your allies and destroy these Persian invaders.

In Sparta: War of Empires players take control of their own city, managing all aspects of it where they must manage resources, construct buildings, train and army and ultimately expand the borders of their territory and reclaim the lands of Hellas from the Persian intruders. This free to play city management MMO puts players head-to-head, where all are potential rivals or allies, whether signing peace treaties or declarations of war players can grow through diplomacy, trade and ultimately conquest.

One of the most important aspects to the game is players managing their resources, which they must acquire through various means and use them to build up various facets of their fledgling Empire. The primary resources are Bronze, which can be acquired by constructing a forge; Timber, that requires a lumber yard; and Grain that is harvested from farms and particularly valuable as it is consumed daily by all the units under your command. Players need resources to construct various buildings within their cities such as Academies, Barracks, Warehouses and many more buildings needed to advance the players civilisation. Players can trade resources with each other, take over Colonies that will provide certain resources each day, quests and tasks and ultimately through raiding other players territories and cities and plundering their resources to add to your own supplies.

No matter how big the player and how big their army there is always going to be a group that is bigger and as often as not get there by destroying their weaker rivals and usurping control of their territory. To combat this many players will band together and form an Allied Coalition where players can work together, trade resources with each other, offer Agreements that allow the exchange of technology training to advance of players city by constructing new buildings or learning how to train up new types of units. Most importantly Coalitions can offer their joint military might to the rest of the group either directly by giving an allied Coalition member troops or promising to support them if they are attacked by an enemy. Coalitions also give players access to the Pantheons system where these groups will fight each other to take control and rebuild key locations around the world that provide valuable resources that can improve the quality of their own military troops to further help them in battle.

Sparta: War of Empires mmorpg game

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