StormFall: Age of War MMORPG Game

StormFall: Age of War MMORPG Game

StormFall: Age of War mmorpg game
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Stormfall: Age of War

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Plarium

Stormfall: Age of War is a real time strategy MMO that can be played through your Internet browser and allows you to play in a fantasy world where rivalling players take on the mantle as Lords of their own castles. In the war-torn realm of Darkshine these Lords raise mighty armies against each other in the hopes of claiming what is left of the broken Empire once known as Stormfall, in these war ravaged times the people look for stability in one true ruler and an end to the suffering and violence and so you have been tasked by Lord Oberon to ascend to this position and give to people the champion they deserve.

This free to play MMO focuses on strategy and tactical combat as well as Castle building and management, where each player within the game will have full control over their own Castle fortifications. Between their walls they will build all manner of different buildings, from farms to grow crops, mines to gather much-needed iron and barracks to raise and train a fine army of soldiers at your command. Resource management plays a key role to success in the game and what players are unable to create for themselves they are able to gain through conquest of their rivals territories or occupation of the various neutral settlement points across the land. Alternatively players may follow a more peaceful route and focus on diplomacy and trade to try and get the things that they need.

As part of a more advanced diplomatic relationship cooperative players may work together and form a League, and official Alliance that whilst offering extra bonuses and incentives to trade and help each other and an added level of defence for your Castle so too will it bring extra conflict. Rival Leagues have a primary goal of becoming the best, which will put them at odds against other leagues as they compete for the top spot to earn themselves league-based benefits and buffs as well as prizes. To join a League players must be at least level 16 to work with the other Lords, however to construct a new League the requirement jumps to level 30 as well as having to pay 1000 sapphires to do so, those who create their own League are able to choose the name as well as design the banner that they will wield in battle as a standard.

Sapphires can be earned slowly in the game through various means such as completing in game quests, levelling up, playing the game for five consecutive days, completing Feats of Valour and placing in the top ranked positions in the game. Primarily sapphires are a premium currency purchased with real-world money that can give a number of different advantages when spent such as a three-day boost to increase production of your basic resources (iron, gold and food) by 75%, increase the rate of your building construction, rather purchase of new fortifications, improvements and even exclusive units including Imperial units and allow you to also expand the buildable territory for your Castle creating an even more impressive fortification.

StormFall: Age of War mmorpg game

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