Summoner's Legion MMORPG Game

Summoner's Legion MMORPG Game

Summoner's Legion mmorpg game
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Summoner's Legion

Game Style: Free to play CCG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: R2Games

Rise up as a mighty Hero taking command over your own army in this exciting fantasy themed turn-based card collecting game meets combat strategy. Summoner’s Legion allows players to go up against other players or take on challenging campaigns and fight against intelligent AI opponents in one-on-one duels as they fight to gain glory, gold and experience and collect new cards to build up their deck and opening up infinite tactical choices. The game is free to play and players can access it after they have registered through the official games website and can play in their preferred web browser.

Players start out the game by building up their deck, made up of 30 cards in total these consist of various units and skills that players are able to draw in battle against their opponent, during the match players start with three random cards from their deck and each turn will draw a new random card. To use these cards they must spend their Mana, an energy pool that fully refreshes itself at the end of a round and increases its max total by one each turn so that as the game’s duration goes on players have more Mana and are able to play multiple cards on their turn or play more challenging and powerful cards meaning the game grows more intense and strategic the longer it continues.

The purpose of the game is to be the first team to defeat the enemy Hero, standing at each end of the battlefield, which consists of multiple rows broken up into 10 square is with each square being able to hold one unit. During play units will be placed onto the battlefield and automatically try to make their way towards the enemy Hero each turn, automatically attacking any enemy units in their way. Upon reaching the enemy Hero, after fighting through the defences, a players’ units are able to deal direct damage to the Hero and if he is killed they will win the match.

Cards come in two different versions, Units and Skills, with Units being the most common they are your direct attackers and defenders in the game. Each Unit has its own pool of hit points that once depleted will remove the Unit from play, they also have their own attack value to determine how much damage they will deal on enemy units or against the enemy Hero with either physical damage on magic damage. Some Units even come with their own traits that increase their range, movement or other tactical aspect. Alternatively the Skill cards allow players to perform attacks, buffs and other strategic elements onto the units themselves, either ally or enemy depending on the skill itself, as a players Hero can be made up of different classes depending upon the class that is chosen will determine the types of Skills available. Importantly, whether a Skill or Unit, each card has a Mana cost that must be spent to put it into play, so players must constantly balance the needs of their offensive strategy with their defensive strategy when determining which cards to play and in which order.

Summoner's Legion mmorpg game

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