The Pride of Taern MMORPG Game

The Pride of Taern MMORPG Game

The Pride of Taern mmorpg game
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The Pride of Taern is a dynamic browser MMO that uses isometric prospective. The main storyline deals with the history of Taern, a nation that fell victim to the invasion of a hostile empire - the Empire of Utor. The citizens of Taern left their homeland in panic and began a journey into the unknown. They reached the Empire of Haligard and that's where the proper game begins. The Taernians aim to reorganize themselves, return to their country and drive the aggressors away which is, of course, not that easy.

Numerous quests allow players to unwrap the main storyline while sidequests let them immerse themselves in the game world and better identify with their characters. Non-linear quests make it possible for players to choose their morality. In short - you can be either good or bad and it all depends on you and what kind of character you like to play the most.

The game world, expanded continuously, encompasses a couple of vast regions, two cities and miles of dungeons, and 160 areas in all. Circa 200 different monsters inhabit the game world - from city guards to vile beasts that thirst for Taernian blood. You can meet around five hundred NPC - refugees from Taern, wanderers, members of Taern resistance movement, characters less or more fantastical: from an intelligent tree Aegustahephium that lusts for power and undead, embittered knight Deon to licentious nymph Vila.

The Pride of Taern gives player a completely innovative combat system. Even big level advantage doesn't necessarily mean an automatic victory, especially if the lower level player plays in a well-thought-out manner. Every class has a unique set of abilities and each class's playstyle is completely different. Even 1 vs 1 combat allows you to use a variety of tactics, not to mention team fights where the number of combinations is infinite.

With PVP in mind, The Pride of Taern organizes numerous tournaments for players to take part in. Tournament days are one of the most important points on any player's schedule. The tournaments are strongly anticipated, strongly prepared for and strongly experienced. Due to the number of possible tactics, the fights of top players can last over a dozen minutes!

Players can wage wars, negotiate alliances, there's a guild chat, forum and rankings. Players do not have to wander about the world, but can have their own "cities" - places they can develop themselves (a sort of headquarters). This allows for a whole new level of teamplay. The guild system connects players in a completely new way by promoting new game strategies, encouraging cooperation and integrating the community.

The game is free, but players that do not have as much time can boost their gaming experience by buying an additional currency - platinum. Platinum can be used to decrease the cost of items, extend the character appearance creator and obtain premium account. Using the paid options increases the comfort of the game, enriches the gameplay with additional elements, but does not shatter the balance. As a result, paying players do not gain too great an advantage over non-paying players.

The Pride of Taern mmorpg game

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