Thundercall MMORPG Game

Thundercall MMORPG Game

Thundercall mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play Strategy RPG
Available Platforms: Internet Browsers
Developing Studio: R2Games

Playable through your internet browser and completely free to play, Thundercall is a new RPG from R2 Games that lets players journey to a fantasy realm where Demons and Deities do battle fighting over the fate of the world. Rise as the hero summoned by the Gods to aid them in these dark days as you level up your character, acquire powerful items and weapons, hone your skills and bring an end to the demon threat once and for all.

The game allows a choice of two different character classes; a Mage (woman) or a Warrior (man), but doesn’t have any customization options to change them. Both classes play very differently from each other, the Warrior is more up close and personal when fighting relying on his defensive fighting and strong physical attacks, whereas the Mage keeps a little more distance and hurls fireballs and calls down lightning on her enemies from a distance, but has a few spells up her sleeve if any enemies get too close. Combat is based on mouse controls moving your player around the battleground, firing off abilities, skills and spells using the number keys, which will target wherever the mouse cursor is pointing and so has a skill based element in combat.

Upgrading characters is vital to increasing a players BR or Battle Rating, this BR shows just how powerful they are with all the elements of their character combined giving them a score, most useful when choosing which opponents to challenge in the PVP Arena. Players will upgrade their character automatically when they level up and increase their stats, but more active actions such as using powerful materials in the Forge system will allow them to Upgrade their weapons and different armor parts, upgrade Skills and apply runes to make them more powerful, even upgrading their Pets and Mounts which will all increase their various stats.

The more powerful a character the better their chances of success in the different game events; some are accessible at all times, others at certain times of the day, and some only allow a certain amount of attempts each day before players are locked out. There are plenty of PVE focused events pitting players against powerful Bosses, or even groups in the Team Dungeons who can try and take on the games’ greatest challenges. For those who enjoy the competitive nature of PVP they can head to the Arena and challenge fellow players to 1 vs 1 duels, trying to earn ranks and rewards!

Thundercall can be played for free, however players do have the option to spend cash to acquire a premium currency known as Diamonds, with Diamonds players can refresh different event/feature cooldowns that have a limited number of attempts per day, buy items from the cash shop, get improved versions of items such as Pets, or refresh their stamina so they can continue playing. Buying Diamonds also gives a secondary benefit by granting VIP access to the player which in turn gives them different rewards and bonuses.

Thundercall mmorpg game

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