Trove MMORPG Game

Trove MMORPG Game

Trove mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Trion Worlds

Step into a game of adventure, dreams and creations made up of not just one world but infinite amount of creations that are built by not just the games developers but by the player community itself. Trove is a sandbox free to play adventure where players can quest, explore, fight, design and build in a voxel based MMORPG that combines popular elements and features of classic RPG and Build ní Break Block based MMOs.

Starting life out as a fearsome Knight players have access to 5 different classes within the game, from the Knight himself using his sword and shield and high defences to pummel enemies into submission, the Gunslinger firing off round after round at his foes as he strafes from their attacks, the Fae Trickster able to use illusions and disco ball like Glitterbombs to stun and charm enemies, the Dracolyte aided by his cute (and deadly) dragonling sidekick and the Neon Ninja attacking from the shadows and using stealth and shuriken to end their opponents. Each class has its own abilities and play style and is levelled up individually, play as one and master it or switch between them all and enjoy the benefits of each class.

There is a whole host of content out there to discover, a variety of different Biomes to explore, uniquely themed environments with their own minions and world bosses to seek out and defeat, from Arctic conditions, barren deserts, lush forests to high-rise futuristic cityscapes. In each world players will come across various wandering threats as well as lairs where more fearsome creatures operate and even huge Dungeons where only the best loot and gear can be found, often requiring groups of adventurers to take on the deadly challenges within.

The game isnít only about destroying everything you come across, designing and building can play as important role to those players that have enjoyed that type of gameplay. From something as simple as using a crafting station to construct items, weapons, vehicles and other exciting items from the resources that you have gathered, to more adventurous builds such as designing your own home/fortification from various blocks and furniture that you are able to loot and craft. Players can build their own base and take it with them wherever they go, using the Cornerstone system players are able to claim empty sites out in the world and instantly drop down their base whilst adventuring in the area only two packets up again and take it with them when they leave.

For those wanting a more larger undertaking and the greater challenge players can also create entire Dungeons that can be submitted to the developers to be placed into the public game or even run their own Club World, a private world where teams of players can work together to place down every block and create huge environments and sprawling locales for other community members to come and visit and adventure through meaning an endless supply of content and exploration.

Trove mmorpg game

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